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On Friday the 12th of June, FOCUS AFRICA managed by Mr  Atta Kouassi   will be receiving an Africa4u Award at the AFRICA4U ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS FOR AFRICANS IN THE UK, which shall be taking  place on Friday the 12th of June at 6pm at The Stables Hall, the White Lion, 234 Streatham High Road, SW16 1BB

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Born out of a passion for Africa, sound, music, culture and tradition, Focus Organizationwas founded by Kouassi Atta (Cote d’Ivoire) in 2010. His aim was simple, to bring good music to the masses – music with soul, power, difference, honesty and heritage.

It wasn’t long before Atta’s focused energy took him to every corner of London, searching high and low for venues, partners and willing individuals to help host his ambitious music events.

Mingling among artists, afropolitans and music enthusiasts, Atta soon found himself atPassing Clouds, celebrating one of his very first events with the hypnotic rhythms of theSoukous kings, Kasai Masai. It was here that Atta met Victoria Blackshaw, a young gig-goer ready to take on all things focused. Together, they embarked on a journey of no return, working with incredible artists, learning about new genres and dance moves, and connecting with scores of other great promoters around town. Severa Adou, fellow Ivorian and budding musician, moved to London from Paris soon after and joined the Focus team, helping organise gigs all over the capital.

 Launching in East London (Cargo, Passing Clouds, Favela Chic, Open the Gate)Focusmoved across to West London (Mau Mau, Notting Hill Arts Club), popped down to South London for a while (CLF Art Café, Mango Landin’), ran a night in central (MoMo’s) and finally moved back East to host a couple of a residencies (Rich Mix, Charlie Wrights, Bedroom Bar).

 Focus grew, spreading its roots in the London music scene and earning the respect and partnership of organisations like Joyful Noise (London African Music Festival), Wormfood, AGMP, Target Live, Continental Drifts, 2 For The Road.

Focus Organization WINNER Best Events Promoter – BEFFTA AWARDS 2013

Focus Organization nominated for Best Events Promoter – BEFFTA AWARDS 2012.

Focus Organization nominated for Life Changers Awards 2013

 We have now worked with an amazing list of local artists including Muntu Valdo, Kasai Masai, Afla Sackey, Diabel Cissokho, Future Groove, Yaaba Funk, M3nsa, Bumi Thomas, Mashasha and Sam, Harare, Native Sun, Kadialy Kouyate, Djembe Thunder, Dj Edu, DJ Eric Soul, JP Kairo, AJ Holmes, Eddie Boi, Dj CD – Carlos de Carvalho etc..

 In conjunction with our partners, Focus has supported events including Africa Utopia, Africa Express (Amadou & Mariam-Baaba Maal-Bassekou Kouyate’-Rokia Traore Etc with special guest: SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY), Global Local, “The BEST From AFRICA Showcase FESTIVAL”with Continental Drifts, Toumani Dabate’, Jimmy Cliff, One love Festival, Black Uhuru, Catch a Fire, Public Enemy etc…

 Mr Atta of Focus continues to celebrate the diversity of London sounds, from cultures worldwide, and is always looking for new music to promote.

This Community Ambassador continues to make us proud and is a profound example of a Role Model, setting the pace for a better tomorrow

 For all new enquiries or if you just want to say hello, email Mr Atta below:



Welcome to Verses and Flows today, I am your host, Adedayo Adeyemi Agarau.

Today, I present to you Yusuff Olayode Yusuff-Supoto is a final year student of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso. He has featured in many anthologies and blog.

Olayode is a commentator and an ambitious pupil engineer. He currently works on his first publication: TRAINEE’S MANIFESTOES.

Meet him at @ ayengineers and @herrlayusmem on twitter.

I walked humbly.

I walked humbly, and not like a roaring lion

When i had no shoes,
to traverse the rocky village.
And not a splendid bowl of food,
to quench the invigorating hunger.

I walked humbly, and not like a roaring lion

When i resided in dilapidated hut,
With disheartening tone of rainfall.
Not even rough window blind
to prevent the visiting mosquitoes.

I walked humbly, and not like a roaring lion

When my neighbours were the cook
of the messages with Kitchen aromas.
Not just a water to boil when cold,
or a beverage to defend my shivering tongue.

I walked humbly, and not like a roaring lion

When my parent were starved to brim,
Just to pay a penny for tattered texts.
And my portmanteau was borrowed from a shelf,
to appear serious in our village school.

I walked humbly, and not like a roaring lion

When tears soaked my beards in daylight
because of the disgrace from her unbridled mouth.
From her my daily bread was served in disgrace
Since not a friend accept to offer,but enemy.

I walked humbly, and not like a roaring lion.

When evils perverted the land of justice.
That we suffered in the hands of the slaves
like the erring goats of mama Africana,
whose goats were armed like bank bugglers.

I walked humbly, and not like a roaring lion



On Friday the 12th of June, Jen Titi lola Sweetnezz  will be receiving an Africa4u Award at the AFRICA4U ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS FOR AFRICANS IN THE UK, which shall be taking  place on Friday the 12th of June at 6pm at The Stables Hall, the White Lion, 234 Streatham High Road, SW16 1BB

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“Da Sweetnezz” (real name; Jennifer Titilola) began singing in around 1994; when she was very young joining the St Anthony’s Primary School Choir, it was from then on that her passion to be heard grew and grew. Years later she then went on to join the local Church Choir in 1998, and also her Secondary School Choir; St Angela’s. It was here in music classes that Da Sweetnezz discovered a thirst to write her own lyrics, and from then on she never stopped! After she left school, for a while Da Sweetnezz’s singing was put on hold so that she could concentrate on her university studies.

However in Summer 2005 she took part in a Youth Project to get young people off the streets, which took place in East London, Canning Town and was organised by a Youth Club called ‘Community Links’ which is well known over London and in connection with the ‘Jack Petchey Foundation’. Da Sweetnezz and two of her closest friends signed up for a music course at this Youth Project; whereby they formed a band called; Lyrics 2 Kill or ‘L2K’, and Da Sweetnezz was the oldest member at the time. At only 16 years old and being the lyricist of the group she acted as the heart and soul of the trio. There was not and still isn’t a day that goes by without a pen being put to lyric pad. Through this music course, by using the facilities available to them, instruments, recording studio; and with the help of some professional music producers and a singing coach the trio recorded one track. The track was entitled “You”, which ‘L2K’ then went about promoting.

 Firstly by taking part in a talent show and disco held for the youth members at the Community Links Youth Centre, and secondly by performing at a music, fashion, arts ‘n’ crafts, talent showcase “The Mayors Newham Show”; held at different local parks situated around Newham. For her participation in this Youth Project and her achievements as a musician with ‘L2K’ Da Sweetnezz was awarded the Jack Petchey Achievement Award for “Outstanding Achievers” in 2006. Her group ‘L2K’ were a truly unique girl singing group and a fantastic example of how young talent should be utilized.

. I can confirm that “Da Future Is Sweet” is a masterpiece of new school jumpy beats, with lyrics one hundred per cent written by Da Sweetnezz; the two latest’s singles off the EP are entitled “Funky Soul” & “Funky Love”, and Da Sweetnezz currently promotes them at every gig and live performance; the official release date was in January 2012, and it is available for free download here:

 To book Da Sweetnezz please email / contact:



Speaking Pen International Concept in conjunction with Caprecon Development Foundation is delighted to invite submissions from poets from any country for publication in an anthology titled PEACE IS POSSIBLE.

PEACE IS POSSIBLE: Poems about peace and peaceful co-existence. Peace among different races, different nations, different organizations, different individuals, families, different religions and lots more.

The book (Peace is Possible) would be published in the USA. 30 to 40 poems would be selected for publication in this anthology. Free copies would be shipped to poets whose poem(s) make it as one of the best 5 entries. They will also get copy of Abegunde Sunday’s bestselling book, ‘Unleash Your Potential Beyond Just Motivation’. Winners would also get honoured at the next edition of Speaking Pen Award.

No submission fees are required and no royalties will be paid to authors. By entering your poems for this anthology, you are donating to global charity because all proceeds from this book go to charitable movements.

Poets are free to submit any form of the poems to submit but poets who endeavour to write a particular poetry form other than free verses and blank verses would have a higher advantage of being selected for publication.

Each poem submitted should be between 12 to 28 lines.
Poets can submit a maximum of 3 poems for consideration.
You may submit unpublished or published poems. In the case of published poems, you will be required to write a short paragraph, stating that you own the copyright and permit Speaking Pen International Concept and Caprecon Development Foundation to use and publicly publish it.

You still reserve the copyrights to your submitted works and you can use it as it pleases you anywhere else.
Please send an email to the editor at with your name and PEACE IS POSSIBLE as the subject line.

Your submission should also include the following:
i. Name
ii. Email address
iii. Mailing address
iv. Mobile phone number
v. A short bio of not more than 120 words

Submissions that do not follow the guidelines may not be honoured.
Submissions are open until 28th May, 2015

EDITOR: Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa
EDITORIAL CONSULTANT: Dollin Holt and Tony Tokunbo Eteka
PUBLISHER: Speaking Pen International Concept


On Friday the 12th of June, COFFEE  will be receiving an Africa4u Award at the AFRICA4U ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS FOR AFRICANS IN THE UK, which shall be taking  place on Friday the 12th of June at 6pm at The Stables Hall, the White Lion, 234 Streatham High Road, SW16 1BB

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Techie by Day, Rock star by Night, Coffee originally moved to London to broaden his career in IT.
Once part of an R&B vocal quartet, he’s re-discovered his musical passion as a solo act, working with fellow London-based rock band ‘Funfiction’.  Chancing upon his ‘method’ – rendering soulful vocals to classic rock instrumentation (, which is attracting quite a huge following, Coffee has begun to create ripples in the European ‘musical pond’.
His most recent collaboration ‘Stuck on You’ – written by BBC One’s – The Voice UK, Series 4 contestant Newtion Matthews seems set to create even more waves. Billed to open for International Jazz/Soul Singer Judith Sephuma at the Camden JazzCafe on March 8th 2015, he recently released highly anticipated single “Why I Love You” (Available on Itunes ).
A self professed ‘inspirationist’, whose greatest moments come from  testimonials like -“Never seen so much drive and fantastic vibe while you sang ‘”Happy” by Pharell”. This Coffee is Only Served extra Haaaawwwt!!!
Contact details are
Facebook:   OR
Twitter: @iamcoffeemusic
For Bookings: +447582281233


Team Nigeria UK are the current U-15 African Cup of Nations Champions.

We are an organisation that provide young men of Nigerian decent with the opportunity to enhance their lives. Using football as a solid platform. We develop together as a squad and give each squad member the opportunity to play within the Nigerian National Team.

The development squad is in full swing and has so far been involved in a series of friendly games with professional football clubs such as Bristol City FC, Birmingham City FC and Millwall FC.

TNUK is calling on business owners, individuals, sports fans, media, Nigerians in the UK and around the globe, friends of Nigeria and Africans alike to help us achieve our goal. Support this wonderful initiative by donating towards our trip to Abuja Nigeria during the summer of 2015.

The trip to Abuja Nigeria will allow 22 young British, European or American men of Nigerian Decent an exciting opportunity to play with the U17 NigerianNational Squad at the World Cup. The event will be hosted in Chile during Oct/Nov 2015.

We rely on your support to continue our service towards these bright young individuals. Together, we can leave a lasting legacy.

Please visit our website to find out more.

Thank you and God bless.

David Doherty
President Team Nigeria UK

Twitter: @Team_NigeriaUK
Instagram: teamnigeriauk
Facebook: TeamNigeriauk


Aro Leonard is an accomplished Media Trainer and Producer who brought his vast media experience to bear on his present job as at BBC Media Action Nigeria. His unique approach tothe job has contributed to the existing wide network of media partnership BBC Media Action enjoys in Nigeria and West Africa.
Aro Leonard has been a very consistent professional in helping to shape better contentdevelopment and programming in the broadcast sector. He is always willing to listen and help findbespoke solutions to each station’s issues. As a Media Trainer, his training techniques are notonly versatile, but are scaled down to meet peculiar situations. He continues in the tradition ofinstilling in Nigerian journalists  best practices in style and technique.”
He produced the “tastiest show on radio” Flava. The show transformed the lives of millions ofNigeria youths – improving their knowledge, attitude and practice o key reproductive health and lifestyle issues. Demonstrated the use of key youth characteristic and likes in pushing specific development themes. Produced award winning and demand creating HIV/AIDS Spots; Designed and produced the largest HIV Testimonial Campaign in Africa.
Aro Leonard founded Kleverest Scenta and Campus Life – platforms under which thousands of young people have been mentored over time. He has a Master’s degree in Environmental and Resources Planning University of Jos. He is of stable character, hard-working, sincere andtrustworthy. He is full of intelligence with the highest sense of responsibility and sincerity


On Friday the 12th of June, Alicia Hixon  will be receiving an Africa4u Award at the AFRICA4U ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS FOR AFRICANS IN THE UK, which shall be taking  place on Friday the 12th of June at 6pm at The Stables Hall, the White Lion, 234 Streatham High Road, SW16 1BB

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Double Social & Humanitarian award winner Alicia Hixon was born in the beautiful island Barbados, West Indies.

A former beauty contestant and a model who represented her island Barbados in a number of beauty pageants and model for many high street brands including the House of Fraser. Alicia strong passion for charitable works has seen her participated in many charitable activities including the United Nations Peace dinner & Cancer Research 5K’s runs.

Alicia love for sports has seen her representing her country Barbados in 1997 and called again in 1998 as a key player in netball, but due to a back injury, her international stint was short lived.

Alicia currently works in the Legal field. Alicia holds a diploma in Psychology, Peace Certificates in; Conflict Analysis, Interfaith Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Conflict Management, Implementation of Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) in Africa, Equality and Diversity, Ebola Virus Disease: Awareness and Precautions for Peacekeeping Personnel and a certificate in Customer Service.

Alicia is the founder of “Children Are Made Secure Foundation” which seeks to assist children in developing countries between the ages of 4-10 with their education. Currently she is the Ambassador for West Mount preparatory School based in Sierra Leone.


The founder of ” Mr & Miss Black Beauty Pageant” which is a positive platform that gives young black men and women the opportunity to showcase their talents but most of all a platform that promotes educational opportunities for them and at the same time develop leadership amongst them Globally. In 2014 she was successful in securing two educational scholarships value at £12,000.00 for the Mr & Miss Black Beauty winners with Christ College London.

Alicia currently presents a weekly show with Osibisa Radio, a London based Afro-Caribbean Radio station where she makes a positive impact in the community.


Her name is Ethel Elaka Gondiwe, She is The CEO of Effycom Productions, a Great community ambasador, performing artists and a lady with a lot of selfless drive, passion and energy.

On Friday the 12th of June, ELAKA will be receiving an Africa4u Award at the AFRICA4U ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS FOR AFRICANS IN THE UK, which shall be taking  place on Friday the 12th of June at 6pm at The Stables Hall, the White Lion, 234 Streatham High Road, SW16 1BB

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The artist known as Elaka™ is an award winning British singer/songwriter.This young pioneer leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the endless talent she possesses. Amongst her many talents her main love is music, it has always been Elaka’s dream to be able to write and perform her music. She says: “I feel like I come alive when I am either in the studio or holding that mic in front of an audience, it’s an exhilarating experience” With the fortunate heritage of being Zambian and the privilege of living in the UK, she gets the opportunity to experiment with her identity as a Zambian mixed with an English culture through her music.

Elaka does not like to be compared to other artists as she feels that each artist is unique in their creativity she says: “that’s what helps us maintain our individuality, I have a different vocal style, my range is vast it bridges 4 octaves but in most cases I like to keep it simple but interesting, I try not to limit myself or get pigeon holed, that just wouldn’t be me”. Her voice allows her the ability to experiment with various genres of music, and like her voice her sound is not genre specific either. She writes songs about her emotions and her life’s journey, observations from others and her own personal experiences, and lets the sound take her wherever that emotion goes.

A lot of people are probably wondering who Elaka is, and where she came from. Elaka has been around in the industry for a while, and has kept it reasonably low key in regards to her music, in order to horn her skills. She used this time to nurture her talent and to learn more about the industry. This time also allowed her the opportunity to build up on her many talents mentioned above. She is now a proud owner of a 2 time award winning branding, marketing,and record label Effycom Productions, a 2010 two time BEFFTA nominated Beauty Pageant Queen Of Zambia UK aids in promoting Zambians around the world and also help various charities in particular the ones in Zambia, a clothing line Elrhy Clothing and in 2009 was a cast member of the UK independent movie Find Her Keep Her and the list goes on.

Before 2011 Elaka had the privilege of performing on the same stage as some of UK and Zambia’s top artists such as Sway, Devlin, Fumin, Chipmunk, Bashy, Omar, Shola Ama, Ghetts, Tinchy Stryder just to name a few; and from Zambia Mozegeta, K’Million, Petersen, Danny, Angela Nyirenda, MC Wabwino, the Late Lilly T and many more. She has also had the privilege of performing with the likes of Legendary Tony Hadley (of Spandle Ballet), Brenda Edwards (of Xfactor and Chicago fame), Duncan James from Blue, Omar, Shola Ama, Ghetts and Bashy. With her promo single titled “I Can’t Let You Go” which was released in March 2011 is looking very promising for Elaka. Her producer Gary Hutchins who is a music industry veteran, has worked with even bigger legends such as Bob Marley, Liza Minnelli, Shirley Bassey, Frank Sinatra just to name a few; he has accolades of awards in sell out gigs and platinum and gold plaques. It is safe to say that our Zambian born princess of alternative music is in safe hands. Having been hard at work with redefined fresh material for 2011/12, the release of her promo single I Can’t Let You Go, which is available for digital download, with a follow up to release her debut single titled ‘My Africa’ scheduled for release mid 2012. Her promo single has already received great feedback from the UK and the rest of Europe, paving a great path for her soon to be released debut single. With a number of collaborations already in the pipeline with African and UK



Every society should rise to kick against the girl child marriage; the parents that consent to such liaison be charged and given a qualified sentence for promoting child molestation. A man took a girl of 12years as wife, It is pathetic she would be a mother soon and erstwhile a10 years old is already a mother.

Do girls really entice boys to get them victimized? What is wrong with a female walking on

the street at 9: PM at her will and does so because of certain circumstances such as employment or domestic errand. There is no worst onslaught on a female than forceful penetration; it is utterly inhuman for Malini Mohana to harbour worldview that rape is somehow the woman’s fault.

Whatever it is today must be traced to its roots, in order to correct misconceptions or revive valuable ideologies that are realistic to attain. Africa was always sunk in depth with cultures vast in various rich norms and values. Africans were conservative yes they were, and in some parts of the continent it is being discovered the inhabitants of a territory are clad in nothing, but it does not take one thing from them, they were noble with their societal dispositions. Therefore that primitivism was a priceless trait ornamented with refined It was amazing how in far centuries a female as a maiden would tie a wrapper that stands on her thighs and conceal her breast with scanty clothe, one can hardly tell if they had pant underneath but yet, the male had so much regard for their chastity, looking at them they do not see a lose woman but a wife material. Whether driven by lust or love, in courtship they to a good percept, abstain from sex however long it takes the suitor to complete the traditional rites which bind them as husband and wife to do according as they please in conformity with what is expected in the boundary of culture and away from abominable act.

Prestige was a birthed cultivation, being poor or rich did not permit anyone to do otherwise in most African communities, going against the laws of the tradition attracted dire tribulations. But today, civilization that ought to be an elevation from the past breeds seen and unseen barbarity.

With the fact that most ladies wear decent clothes, modesty top of their priority, they get laid without invitation, raped and stigmatized for life or pushed to commit suicide in order to avert shame when it involves a third party; individuals or the African societies would be tending to a loose end if viable cultures are not revamped. In the past men could marry girls with age difference of 20/30, which make the girls no less thanbabies in their early teens, to that effect such is express molestation, taken, this is a foremost cultural view that must be discredited, I guess it is what gives leverage to men whose archaic mentality deem it fit to sexually abuse teenagers with the excuse that if not for changing times they would have been properly married.

Since society shuns that act in 21st century, the salacious Don Juan takes it upon his sinister knowledge base of wane culture to have sex with girls from the age of 10 exalting it traditionally and forget he would seek the permission of the parents and conclude formal rites before he dares to loosen her wrapper if he was to go by norm.

Regulation that help females not to be raped, and the law that punishes the rapist should be ultra-implemented to curb such nuisance in the society. Measures on how to avoid sexual abuses should be televised on local and international media outfits as an everyday show, this is Africa where parents are still shy to educate their daughters on sex course, and school them on how to note positive and negative advances of men. Females both teens, youths, and adult should be sensitized on what precaution to be taken when caught up in the wrong place at the right time, not to be on the wrong setting at the right time and how to modestly associate with the opposite sex with speech and body language, the mouth can speak the words and the body loudens the volume.

The fault of being raped should never be attributed to the female. Roaming on a man’s land without permission is trespassing and punishable by the law, likewise the exploration of a woman’s private part. A man that forcefully makes love with his wife can be jailed if a suit is filed by the lady, so nobody who is guilty of rape should be left to mingle with right thinking people of a society without haven undergone imprisonment, psychological and sociological sessions.

Men should go back to being men, a culture where males were not overridden by open lust and engage in disgraceful actions, and boys be taught how to be real men, real men have respect for the female gender.

It should be made a global law that a female is legible to marry from the official age of 18;

underage marriage is a permissible bye law of some parts of the world, mostly in Asia and Africa which therefore should be clamped down so that females around the globe can boost of equal treatment, whatever that is condemned by positive majority should endeavour to disqualify the minority’s negative. Child marriage should ultimately be modelled as an illegal act, any parent and man that disobeys the law should be served appropriate justice.

Girls who marry before 18 are likely to experience domestic violence. A study conducted by International Centre for Research on Women, ICRW in two states in India found that girls, who were married before 18 were twice likely to report being beaten, slapped or threatened by their husbands than girls who married later.

Child bride often show signs symptomatic of sexual abuse and post-traumatic stress such as feelings of hopelessness and severe depression, and their pregnancy can lead to untimely death. The child marriage is raping the world of females, say no to sexual abuse, and say no to consented brutality. Save the child, and let the world build healthy successful women, spare them the trauma and bestow on them access to Trojan point.