On Friday the 12th of June, Jen Titi lola Sweetnezz  will be receiving an Africa4u Award at the AFRICA4U ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS FOR AFRICANS IN THE UK, which shall be taking  place on Friday the 12th of June at 6pm at The Stables Hall, the White Lion, 234 Streatham High Road, SW16 1BB

Find out more about this great ambassador below

“Da Sweetnezz” (real name; Jennifer Titilola) began singing in around 1994; when she was very young joining the St Anthony’s Primary School Choir, it was from then on that her passion to be heard grew and grew. Years later she then went on to join the local Church Choir in 1998, and also her Secondary School Choir; St Angela’s. It was here in music classes that Da Sweetnezz discovered a thirst to write her own lyrics, and from then on she never stopped! After she left school, for a while Da Sweetnezz’s singing was put on hold so that she could concentrate on her university studies.

However in Summer 2005 she took part in a Youth Project to get young people off the streets, which took place in East London, Canning Town and was organised by a Youth Club called ‘Community Links’ which is well known over London and in connection with the ‘Jack Petchey Foundation’. Da Sweetnezz and two of her closest friends signed up for a music course at this Youth Project; whereby they formed a band called; Lyrics 2 Kill or ‘L2K’, and Da Sweetnezz was the oldest member at the time. At only 16 years old and being the lyricist of the group she acted as the heart and soul of the trio. There was not and still isn’t a day that goes by without a pen being put to lyric pad. Through this music course, by using the facilities available to them, instruments, recording studio; and with the help of some professional music producers and a singing coach the trio recorded one track. The track was entitled “You”, which ‘L2K’ then went about promoting.

 Firstly by taking part in a talent show and disco held for the youth members at the Community Links Youth Centre, and secondly by performing at a music, fashion, arts ‘n’ crafts, talent showcase “The Mayors Newham Show”; held at different local parks situated around Newham. For her participation in this Youth Project and her achievements as a musician with ‘L2K’ Da Sweetnezz was awarded the Jack Petchey Achievement Award for “Outstanding Achievers” in 2006. Her group ‘L2K’ were a truly unique girl singing group and a fantastic example of how young talent should be utilized.

. I can confirm that “Da Future Is Sweet” is a masterpiece of new school jumpy beats, with lyrics one hundred per cent written by Da Sweetnezz; the two latest’s singles off the EP are entitled “Funky Soul” & “Funky Love”, and Da Sweetnezz currently promotes them at every gig and live performance; the official release date was in January 2012, and it is available for free download here:

 To book Da Sweetnezz please email / contact:

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