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Expressing Life and Nature in Wild and Free A Review of Remilekun Jaiyeola’s Wild and Free By Folorunsho Moshood

After the melodious vamp, the opening lyrics of Black Men United’s 1994 single song entitled ‘You Will Know’ readily come to mind: When I was a young boy / I had visions of fame / They grew wild / They were free / They were blessed with my name. Black Men United was a collaboration of African-American R&B neo soul and soul music artists.

The song was written by a young D’Angelo along with his brother, Luther. Reading Remilekun Jaiyeola’s ‘Wild and Free’ reminds this reviewer of that opening lyrics of ‘You Will Know’. Introducing the book, the poet writes, ‘Wild and Free’ is a collection of poems about life and nature.

There are poems about the joys of being wild, and poems about the freedom of being free.

The book was inspired by the feeling that we all have deep within us—that there’s something wild and free in our hearts seeking expression’. In the case of Black Men United, what grew wild and free were the visions, and the artists expressed them through a single song, ‘You Will Know’.

This should provoke the reader to know what will grow wild and free in people’s
hearts that the poet expresses through ‘Wild and Free’, a collection of forty-eight
poems written by Remilekun Jaiyeola and published in 2022 by New Touch International Limited, 1A Pemberton Road, Bradford, United Kingdom.

From ‘Firework’ to ‘I Am Powerful’, the poet treats us to chewable bones of poetry about
nature, life and how life should be lived. These ultimately revolved around the themes of confidence, struggle, pleasure, pain, beauty, peace, loneliness, freedom, bondage, love, care, hardship, friendship, Legacy, regret, resilience etc.

The forty-eight poems that will transport the reader to the poetry land where poems enliven the spirit are as follows; ‘Firework’, ‘Falling Apart’, ‘I Let Them Out’, ‘Ask Yourself’, ‘When I was Young’, ‘Nothing is Hers’, ‘I’ll Find My Way’, ‘Beauty’, ‘I Don’t Know’, ‘Walk in Nature’, ‘A New Way Home’, ‘If I could Fly’, ‘Worried’, ‘See the World’, ‘Possibilities’, ‘Golden Hour’, ‘Love and Hope’, ‘What Do You See?’, ‘Ask God’, ‘A Gift for God’, ‘Most Beautiful’, ‘Left Behind’, ‘It’s Everywhere’, ‘I Wish’, ‘To Be In Love’, ‘My Friend’, ‘Apart’, ‘Overcome’, ‘I Feel Like’, ‘Regret’, ‘Fear And The Dark’, ‘I Didn’t Know’, ‘Wild and Free’, ‘A Place of Wonder’, ‘The Goodness of Your Voice’,

‘Finding Joy’, ‘I Believe in Fate’, ‘One Thing’, ‘Where I Feel Safe’, ‘How to be Free’, ‘Stand
Still’, ‘Looking Forward’, ‘She Did It All’, ‘I Am Myself’, ‘Lost In The Dark’, ‘I am not Free’,
‘What do you want?’ And ‘I am Powerful’.

It is worthy to know that some themes in this beautiful collection are used antithetically to bring out contradictory effects. Two poems are perfect examples, ‘Wild and Free’ and ‘I Am Not Free’: In ‘Wild and Free’, the poet expresses freedom. The poem goes thus: Outside, nature is wild and free / It’s the perfect place to be / The wind is blowing, / the trees are rustling / I can hear birds singing, / telling me something. / When I look at nature / it makes me feel / I’m a part of something / bigger than myself / for I am wild and free.

But in ‘I Am Not Free’, the poet expresses bondage, which is an antithesis of freedom. The poem goes thus: I am not free, / I am trapped in a cage. / The bars are made of fear, / And their shape is dread./ I wish I could run away, / But there is no way out. / I’ve been here for so long, / And I don’t know what to say. / I’ve been here for so long, / I’m just not sure how to stay.
There are some poems that have similar themes in context. A careful analysis of these
poems shows that they can easily flow into one another. Two poems are sacrosanct in this regard, ‘How To Be Free’ and ‘Looking Forward’. In ‘How To Be Free’, the poet shows his failure on how to be free.

The poem goes thus: I wish I knew how to be free. / I wish I knew how to let go / of the things that keep me stuck, / and make me feel like a failure, / I wish I knew how to / Worry less about other’s opinion / And seek how to be free / Living to free
myself / From the dangers of human / Who also are in a quest / To get freedom at my

But in ‘Looking Forward’, the fear of failure that the poet expresses in ‘How To Be
Free’ becomes a beacon of hope. It goes thus: I’m looking forward to the day / When my
heart is finally free— / When I can walk out the door, / And never look back. / I’m looking forward to the day / When I can finally say goodbye— / To all the things that have held me back, / And keep me locked inside. / Today I break free / From shackles / that won’t let me be.
The poet in this collection features some poems that pose rhetorical questions to the reader.
Two of such poems, ‘What Do You See?’ and ‘What Do You Want?’ are hereby examined:
In ‘What Do You See?’, the poet brings out another form of contradictory themes using
rhetorical questions: What do you see / when you close your eyes? / Is it a daydream, / or a nightmare? Do you see the past, / or the future? / Do you see your heart beating, / or your blood flowing? / Do you see peace and quiet, / or chaos and strife? / Do you see yourself in love, / or alone and afraid? It is all about choice-making. The antithetical pairs are Daydream and Nightmare; Past and Future; Peace and Chaos; Love and Alone.

In ‘What Do You Want?’, the poet is so direct in asking the reader to make his or her choice using the same style in ‘What Do You See?’. The poem goes thus: What are you going to do with your life? / Are you going to make art? / Or are you going to make money? / Are you going to take risks? / or play it safe? / Do you want to travel the world? / or stay close to home? / Do you want to make something beautiful? / or just make a buck? /The choice is yours / What do you want? The pairs of antithetical words in What Do You Want are Art (Fame) and Money (Fortune); Risk (Danger) and Safe; Travel and Stay at home. Other poems of rhetorical questions are Worried, A New Way Home, Beauty and Ask Yourself.

A literary device that is very common in this collection is enjambment. The reader will see a sentence continues into two or more lines in more than two-third of the poems. Examples of some of the poems and their enjambments are ‘Firework’ (A flash of colour in an otherwise dull night), ‘Falling Apart’ (The world is falling apart, and I don’t know what to do; I feel like my heart is aching, and I can’t bear it another moment; The darkness has come for me, and I don’t know how to fight it; It seems like the only thing is to give in to the pain) and ‘I Let Them Out’ (There is an ocean in the center of me; But I know it’s there. It’s filled with all my dreams and wishes and hopes; I let them out, they’re reflected at me).

Other literary devices that the poet employs to make emphasis or create sensory effects are hyperbole, imagery and metaphors as well as oxymoron. These literary devices are more pronounced in poems that showcase the beauty of nature such as ‘Walk In Nature’ and ‘Beauty’.

In all, the language is lucid and the style is free verse with two or three poems featuring
rhyming schemes. There are some spelling errors such as ‘Shackels’ instead of ‘Shackles’ in ‘Looking Forward’ and ‘Center’ (American) instead of ‘Centre’ (British). In ‘What Do You
See?’, the word ‘Quiet’ should have been ‘Quietness’ in the context it is used. The poem, ‘I Wish’, shows lack of consistency in the use of tenses: The poem goes thus: I wish there
was a land / Where the sun always shone, / And the flowers always grew. / Where the air was warm and sweet, / And the people were kind. / Where the sky is a rainbow / And the grass glows in the moonlight / Where all fantasies come true, / And hearts are full of love and light. The poem can be better written in a single tense.

In Remilekun Jaiyeola’s Wild and Free, the reader will know that life and nature grow wild and free in people’s hearts – they inspire them to make life-long choices. The people include the poet and his audience. Most poems in this collection are lyrical and easy to commit to memory.

Above all, some of the poems answer the questions of life, struggle and death and
point to the way life should be lived. I recommend this beautiful collection to all and sundry especially poetry lovers.

Review by Folorunsho Moshood

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Life Lessons in Remilekun Jaiyeola’ ‘The Silver Lining In The Dark Cloud’ A review by Folorunsho Moshood

Life Lessons in Remilekun Jaiyeola’ ‘The Silver Lining In The Dark Cloud’ A review by Folorunsho Moshood

It is known that the phrase, the silver lining in the dark cloud, is a metaphor of hope in a
seemingly bad situation. It could also be something positive coming out of a difficult or
unpleasant situation. A difficult situation can be man-made or natural. If a difficult situation is man-made, it could be easily and quickly addressed by identifying its source or cause.
However, if a difficult situation is as a result of a natural force, it might take a miracle to
address it. Without any doubt, life is full of ups and downs, pains and pleasures, gladness and sadness, rises and falls, light and darkness, night and day etc. Whether it is man-made or natural, the wise thing for human beings to do is to always get prepared for battles of life.

Th e book, ‘The Silver LiningIn The Dark Cloud, is a collection of three short stories w ritten by Remilekun Jaiyeola and published by New Touch Int. Ltd 1Pemberton Road, Bradford, the United Kingdom.

It explores both man-made and natural challenges of life and possible ways people can address them and even rise above them.

The book, creatively written, is made up of 61 pages, which branched into 3 good stories – ‘A Blessing In Disguise’, ‘Mixed Blessing’ and ‘Grace’.

Coincidentally, the three stories have a common denominator – the birth of a child.

They address the issues of bad governance, sickle cell anaemia, bareness, genotype,
resilience in the face of hardship, miscarriage in marriage, student leadership, love, hatred, broken relationship etc. Just like the birth of new babies in the three stories, every hardship in the book also births at least an opportunity.

The first story, ‘A Blessing In Disguise’ is divided into three chapters, ‘Hardship On The
Spot’, ‘Responsibility of A Leader’, and ‘The Timely Preparation’. The story, which is written in third person narrative, is set in a village called Atiba that has only one school, Best Legacy Government School.

The village has been neglected for long by the government. It has no good road, no g ood health facility and no electricity supply. Even the teachers in Best Legacy Secondary School have not been remunerated for three months. The story, which also has a sub-plot, revolved around the principal of the school and some students who have just been selected to be school prefects. The story has Mr. Obi as the main character.

At home, Mr. Obi and his wife, Sandra are praying for the seeds of the womb after years of marriage. God finally answers their prayers, Sandra conceives but later has a miscarriage.

In school, the newly selected prefects decide to change the bad narrative of their village.

Th head boy, Ezekiel, prepares a road map towards achieving that. When the roadmap is presented to the village chief, a silver lining comes out the dark cloud.

The chief informs the students about the spelling competition that is scheduled to take place in the city. The winner of the competition will act as the governor of the state for a day. Mrs. Chike, a teacher in the school prepares the students for the competition that is eventually won by the school.

This achievement gives Ezekiel, the winning student, who acts as a one-day governor of the state, the opportunity to bring development to Atiba village.

Two months after, Sandra, the wife of Mr. Obi, conceives again and subsequently gives birth to a set of triplets.
The second story, ‘Mixed Blessing’, is also written in third person narrative and divided into three chapters – ‘The Dashing Hope’, ‘The Long Waiting’ and ‘Glory Dawn’.

This story is set in Mr. Dotun’s home, and it opens with the protagonist, Mr. Dotun playing romantically with his pregnant wife, Funmi. They have been married for two years without a child in the family.

When the family eventually loses the pregnancy, Dotun’s mother becomes angry with Funmi and vents her spleen on the innocent wife. Three years later, Funmi’s mother-in-law vows to get Dotun another wife if Funmi does not conceive in the next three months and give her a grand-child. Expectedly, Funmi’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adebire and Funmi’s husband, Dotun are spiritually and morally behind her – they provide the needed succour for her.

One day, Funmi’s parents visit their daughter and offer some spiritual tips which later work out perfectly well. Six months after following the tips, Funmi conceives again and later gives birth to a baby boy.

Just like the two previous stories, the third story, ‘Grace’, is also written in third person
narrative and also divided into three chapters – ‘The Crisis’, ‘The Break Up’ and ‘The Sickle Cell Initiative’. The protagonist, Dorcas, is a stickler who is often attacked by the disease called ‘Sickle Cell Anaemia’. Due to these frequent attacks by the disease, she has her job terminated by her employer. Her relationship with Solomon, her fiancé, also turns sour due to the same reason. These two misfortunes do not distract Dorcas from achieving her goal in life. She stays focused! She prepares herself for a conference on sickle cell anaemia.

At the conference, she presents a paper that stands her out among the participants. This achievement comes with an employment – she secures a job with Mega Growth Investment Limited.

Mr. Godspower, her boss at the company, later develops an amorous relationship
with her. They finally settle down as husband and wife. Fortunately, Mr. Godspower has AA genotype with Dorcas’ SS, they can only get a child who has AS genotype.

That is exactly what happens to the baby girl their union eventually brings forth to the world. She is AS! But Dorcas later succumbs to the sickle cell anaemia – she shuffles off the mortal coil at the age of forty-two. She leaves behind an enduring legacy for the world. Her husband, Godspower is very proud of her even in death.

Through the stories by Remilekun Jaiyeola, the reader will see clearly the silver lining in the dark cloud. The language is simple and easy to understand. The three stories follow the same pattern and style. The dialogues are so rich and can be easily adapted into three plays. However, there are some few errors in the three stories.

For example, in the first story, the author presents Best Legacy Government School as a School, but instead of using ‘Headmaster’ for the head of the school, he uses ‘Principal’. In the first paragraph of the same first story, the author writes, ‘…the only school in that village is Best Legacy Government School’, but in the third paragraph, he erroneously writes, ‘…with just a primary school and secondary school, the village is what we can call an undeveloped area.

There is also few typos. The errors do not in any way diminishes the real value of this book – it is a work of art that can be improved upon.

There are many lessons to be learnt from the book. The lessons in the last story is for all young lovers who are planning to get married to one another.

Remilekun Jaiyeola is telling the reader that even before you fall in love know your genotype and that of your partner.

Jaiyeola has raised his voice as a writer against losing hope in the face of any battle of life.
There is usually a silver lining in the dark cloud for everyone. This book is a must read for all and sundry, especially young lovers.

Review by Folorunsho Moshood

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A people person with the enthusiasm for Youth and Community engagement, Joyce Osayande is qualified in Health and Social Care Management. The Founder of Joyce O Community Outreach CIC, a non-profit Organisation that supports the social, economic, and environmental wellbeing of the socially and economically deprived in the Community. The Organisation maximises strategies to enhance the wellbeing of those in the Community and building successful relationships. The Grocery Duty Manager, Area Co-ordinator of Grocery Distribution, Food Standards Agency (FSA) are stakeholders and volunteers to develop and aspire to become Independent and knowledgeable citizens.
With a background in Health and Social Care Management, Joyce Osayande has spearheaded various Community Projects such as Health Awareness Programmes, Sexual Health Matters, overcoming Teenage Pregnancy challenges, Drug Awareness and Anti-Social Behaviour issues. More recently, ever since May 2021 she has led Health and Wellbeing Awareness with themes on Motivating Young People, Nutrition, Health issues, Education and Training Recovery in the current climate. Also, she has facilitated Skills Empowerment Workshops targeted at young people to exemplify their skills thereby creating a platform to further enhance their creativity.
An award winner of the Disabled International Foundation UK in March 2017 for her outstanding dedication to Community work and Nation building. In July 2018, she was awarded outstanding Exclusive Personality Royalty Award (EPRA) Inspiring Youth Leader of the Year. Another Community Project is the Grocery Distribution Outreach to the Community which commenced on 31st July 2021, this has been acclaimed a great success. New initiatives are cleverly implemented by Joyce O Community team and Consulting Content Strategist.
Joyce Osayande a youth and community enthusiast, has developed a true vision strategy, with targets, focused on long term growth which as an evolving Organisation she executes excellently, as she looks forward to serving the Community and initiating more worthy projects for today’s recovery economy.


With outstanding creative abilities borne out of Joyce Osayande’s passion, brings about her selfless service to the community. Hence, her voluntary and charitable work to community development and youth empowerment earned her several awards and recognitions, she is an acclaimed Inspirational youth leader.

* Joyce Osayande was presented with a recognition Award on 30th October 2021 by The African Business Women Association at the Black History Expo event. This is an Organisation that supports women of African origin who have attained a remarkable level in the community. Joyce Osayande, the founder of Joyce O. Community Outreach was presented with this award for her role in supporting food poverty crisis and enhancing Community Learning wellbeing Awareness, making a positive impact in people’s lives and bringing a lot of value in the community.

* In 2020 she was Honoured and shortlisted to be Patroness for Miss Ebony Ambassador contest. This selection was based on her outstanding contribution to community service. She was appointed as Patroness for the organisation.

*In 2019 she was recognised for Inspiring and empowering women. And awarded a recognition certificate for outstanding support and contribution to women empowerment, by African Business women Association

* July 2018 She received outstanding EXCLUSIVE PERSONALITY ROYALTY AWARDS ( EPRA). She was awarded Inspiring Youths Leader of the Year.
This recognition was based on her outstanding contribution to Youth engagement and community service.

* June 2018 she was Awarded 2rd Best Fashion Designer by African Fashion Roots Oxford. This award was presented by councillor Colin Cook Meyor of Oxford

* March 2017 she was awarded a recognition certificate for outstanding contribution, dedication and excellence performance in community work and nation building. By Disabled International Foundation UK.

* Recognition certificate of Appreciation from Miss E.B.O.N.Y Ambassador beauty and creativity contest,
for outstanding support and contribution to Youth empowerment. (2016)

* She was also awarded Best UK Afro fashion designer 2016. Head 2 Head award

* She was awarded Youth Ambassador in 2016 by Head 2 Head award

Joyce Osayande has featured on different Television programmes, radio show, magazine and other media platforms such as TV Presenter, Inspirational Hour on SRTV Entertainment, Calabash Magazine as a correspondent and their Public Relation Officer. Exclusive interview at The African Show Blast 1386, Supreme Classic Magazine, Fancy TV, Interview at BEN TV with Miss E-B-O-N-Y Ambassador, Audition Judge at Miss Ebony Ambassador 2017 grand finale, A member of Global Christian Ministry Forum UK/ EU.


The Tony Tokunbo Fernandez Show is all about promoting the true life and success stories of community achievers around the world.

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Zafaa GlobalAwards is an African Film Awards Institution dedicated to celebrating African creatives around the world. 

On Saturday the 19th of November 2022, Mr Gogo Anyanwu Junior was a proud recipient of a Zaffa Global Appreciation Awards at The New Nollywood entertainment studios, Crown commercial centre, 71-73 Nathan way, London,SE28 0BQ, London.

Information about him can be found below- CONGRATULATIONS TO GOGO ANYANWU JUNIOR


Gogo is an accomplished Commercial Business and Retail Operations Manager, HR Strategist and Administrator, Talent Manager, Employee Relations Specialist, HRM Researcher and Business Process Optimization Advocate. Initiated and facilitated the implementation of fundamental business and HR policies that enhanced organizational performance and employee experience.

I have developed business and retail management, human resource management, employee relations and research skills that will enable me to teach HRM & employment relations, lead HR transformation and drive organizational performance in national and multinational organizations.

Mr Anyanwu is currently doing his PHD at The Universitry of Leeds, West Yorkshire. He is also an accomplished artist with a wealth of talent and imagination.

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The amazing Ismael Lee South , Award winning Youth work consultant and Co-Founder of The Salam Project will be one OF OUR KEY SPEAKERS AT THE AFRICA4U AWARDS FOR AFRICAN AND CARIBBEAN ACHIEVERS LIVING IN WEST YORKSHIRE due to take place early next year. Ismael is based in Manchester. Information about him can be found below

Bio of Ismael Lea South

Ismael Lea South is an award winning innovative Youth Work Consultant. This includes being a consistent practitioner, facilitator, coordinator, mentor and researcher. He works between London, Birmingham, Manchester & Shefffield. He is the co-founder of The Salam Project ( that he co founded with fellow proactive youth workers. 

His specialist expertise are mentoring interventions with young people on the verge of permanent exclusion, resettlement solutions for young ex-offenders in communities, assisting young people to employment, accredited training and employment. Coordinating support for young sports/football academy players who have been released by their clubs by finding alternative lower league/international placements or alternative sports industry related vocations. He’s also known for working with young urban artists in understanding the business side of the creative industries. 

An assertive personality who has project managed numerous anti knife crime, anti gang crime, prison resettlement and counter-extremism projects around in various cities in England. 

A strong advocate for independent youth outreach organisations to adopt a more social entrepreneurship model, rather than being reliant on funding and donations. 

A straight forward and opinionated person who is very passionate about his work!!



Beatrice aka “LULU” a public renowned queen prefers action with tangible results rather than promises and words. As Miss Milton Keynes 2016/2017; Actress; Brand Ambassador and a Serial Entrepreneur . Lulu upholds the basic levels of event planning /event organization / project development in order to produce tangible results based on planning realistic goals and action plans. Regardless of the tasks she ensures that excellent results are produced. Beyond results she constantly   counter checks to see any specific action on any process conducted that could be improved in order to streamline any process in a more effective strategy moving forward.

Lulu began her professional Acting Career as World – Class Actress on both top commercial adverts (Thomas Burberry/ Mac Milan Cancer/ M&S /KFC), drama series (eastenders/father mother son etc), brand ambassador to products and labels (Nala money /energy drinks), and top class movies upto Indiana Jones 5. With her credentials her work ethics, Lulu didn’t find it hard to rise among the ranks and became CEO of 5 companies & being Ms Milton Keynes 2016/2017. Top event organizer with her own record label – Lu La Grande International. She then started to replicate her applied process among her peers, who took note of how valuable she is to their events /businesses. She got attention of other companies wanting to acquire her and gave her a couple of offers, of which she refused because of the potential she sees for growth in herself and her organization. She was correct, and the loyalty and hard work which surely bore fruits making her tops ready for bigger league.

Lulu as the operational lead in all her firms’ shows beyond doubt that she is a big fish in any sector she is introduced or attached to being “Lulu the jack of all trades”. She doesn’t just meet goals but exceeds the expectations month in and month out.

She has always created seamless processes undeniably close to genius. Always mingle with her peers making her receive recognition for being an inspiration and a constant motivator all round. Her leadership skills rose above challenges in months of hard times , clients proved difficult to manage thus proving true leadership  is only made better with tough times hence being at the top of her game.


Our International Blog is aimed at promoting the true life and success stories of African and Caribbean achievers around the year.

We have had an exciting year in 2022.

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This year we have also organised initiatives here in The UK, Estonia, Finland and Croatia


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MBI Visuals Ltd is a family run business. Founded in 2018, Malakai had a feasible vision to build a legacy for his children. Having already gained 13 years experience in content creation and Marketing, it just made perfect sense to pursue his passion, to put everything into forming & building his own company. With a previous background of creating on and offline marketing strategies, visualising marketing campaigns and bringing them to fruition, designing content, improving SEO, updating websites and blogs, creating mailing lists, writing press releases and producing video adverts, successful entrepreneurs would agree that mindset, self education, determination and experience always wins! With exciting prospects, passion & drive that cannot be hidden. With new Co-Founder Chris on board, Malakai is determined to steer MBI visuals in the right direction. MBI is a forward thinking B2B video marketing agency, providing top notch video production and e-commerce marketing solutions to local and national businesses. MBI Visuals is a Registered supplier to Cheshire West and Chester Council. #blackhistorymonth2022 #livestream #blacklifematters #africanyoutubers