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My Radio Interview with Mr Akin Salami – CEO of OHTV

It is Tuesday the 16th of October 2012, my Guest for the evening is Mr Akin Salami, The CEO of OH TV. OH TV is an ethical channel in the entertainment genre on Sky 199.

It was a cold still evening and I was looking forward to engage my guest on some community issues and the OHTV brand as part of The Black History Month Celebrations

It was the first time I was going to meet him in person and when the door bell rang, I was instantly overwhelmed by his simplicity,warmth and humility

I had watched OHTV in the last few years and I was quite impresed with the content of the programmes and the quality and depth of educational entertainment.

I was curious to know more about Mr salami, his background and what motivated him to start up a lucrative profound initiative.

Mr Salami told me that he had a passion for technology and a drive to motivate and inspire young people in the community and from the moment he started talking i saw the passion and drive for life all written in his eyes- he spoke from the heart.

He explained to me that he did not have a TV background and had studied Mechanical engineering at The Obafemi Awolowo University many years ago.

He had tried to set up a business in the past in The Gambia  which did not exactly go according to plan but he later discovered that the there was a need for TV in the community, but something more than a need- a message and a story to deliver and the importance of filling a gap –  so when his creative side unfolded, the rest was history.

We also spoke about the purpose and the significance of engaging the mindsets of the youth within our community and the approach OHTV adopted in empowering and inspiring the minds of the leaders of tomorrow and Mr Saami explained that OHTV as a brand, was doing quite a lot to set the pace for young peope in our society.

Mr Salami is a very passionate man with big dreams and a natural drive to create, showcase and deliver 

His thoughts on Back History Month were very clear – it was a month to celebrate the achievements of Black people and create more understanding and togetherness within our  communities.

Mr Salami spends his spare time with his family and three children and also takes time to take part in church activities.

OHTV is an ethical channel in the entertainment genre. It can be found on Sky Channel 199

My Interview with The Founder of The Beffta Awards

It is Tuesday the 2nd of October 2012 and it is my first Black History Month Show for the year on AFRICA4U RADIO SHOW – The Radio Show for Africans around the world. 

My Guest for the evening is Pauline long- The Founder of The Beffta Awards, The Beffta Brand and Beffta TV,

She is also The Founder of Mr East Africa UK, Miss East Africa UK and The Owner of Pauline long daily motivation.

It wa going to be the first time I was going to meet her properly in person and I had still not recovered from a long weekend in Yorkshire.

I had attended The BEFFTA AWARDS Press launch over a week ago in Mayfair  and was impressed with the great work Pauline was doing in the community.  Beffta stands for Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts Awards

I could sense it was going to be an inspirational evening, especially for my many listeners from around the world.

Every week, many people from around the world listen to Africa4U Radio Show from London, Reading, Lagos, Abuja, Toronto and the States.

The feeling became more intuitive when Pauline walked through the door – she had a very graceful and appealing presence which was sincere and positively refreshing.

Pauline spoke of her childhood, her upbringing and the spirit of community love whilst growing up.  Although moving to the Uk, was a totally different cultural experience from what she was used too, she was quick to point out that setting up Mr East Africa and Miss East Africa UK for the very first time, was an opportunity to connect with people and establish  a presence which people could identify with .

She spoke about value, appreciation and the importance of recognising the great work of people and positive achievers, in her own words, it is important to give your brother or sister a pat on the back for the efforts they make in a far away land. In no time, I was able to see, why she set up the Beffta Awards,- an initiative she currently manages and which is fast becoming a brand for hard working Role models doing their little bit to make a difference to society.

Pauline believes in connecting with real people in the real world and is also involved in managing projects aimed at supporting the under priveeged children of Africa. 


Her gentle and positive warm spirit is a testimony to the fact that there are wonderful African Role models out there who are naturally determined to not only feed the world with love, but set the pace for a better tomorrow




Black History Month on Africa4U Radio Show

The Black History Month Programme for AFRICA4U RADIO SHOW is now available. 

On Tuesday the 2nd of October at 6pm, I interview Pauline Long – The Founder of The Beffta Awards (as part of The Black History Month Celebrations). She will be on air to talk about herself, her background, her initiatives and the build up towards THE BEFFTA AWARDS. 

On Tuesday the 9th of October, I will be interviewing Jacqueline Wabara – The Founder of Miss Nubian Foundation- She will be on air discussing the reasons why commemorating Black History Paramount and why as Black People we are no longer regarded as Ethnicity Minorities as our achievements to date are in the Majority. She will also be discussing the build up towards her Black History Month Event.

On Tuesday the 16th of October, I will have two guests on air – Mr Akin Salami of OHTV will be live in the studio as part of The Black History Month Celebrations and Mosi Conde a musician from Guinea will be live on air to play the Kora and to discuss the History of Guinea and The History of the Kora.

On Tuesday the 23rd of October, I will have a History Show on Africa4u with two good friends as guests who will be on air to discuss African History. 
Mr Ebele Obumselu will be discussing the impact of returned slaves in West Africa and Mr Derek Dziva will be discussing the very first uprising in Zimbabwe as part of The Chimurenge renaissance 

On Tuesday the 30th of October- we have a surprise show- so I will l keep you guessing till the end of October.

If there is a project or initiative you wish to share as part of Black History Month feel free to give me a ring on 07882809005

I will also keep you posted with regards to Black History Month Events taking place in Reading 

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