Every society should rise to kick against the girl child marriage; the parents that consent to such liaison be charged and given a qualified sentence for promoting child molestation. A man took a girl of 12years as wife, It is pathetic she would be a mother soon and erstwhile a10 years old is already a mother.

Do girls really entice boys to get them victimized? What is wrong with a female walking on

the street at 9: PM at her will and does so because of certain circumstances such as employment or domestic errand. There is no worst onslaught on a female than forceful penetration; it is utterly inhuman for Malini Mohana to harbour worldview that rape is somehow the woman’s fault.

Whatever it is today must be traced to its roots, in order to correct misconceptions or revive valuable ideologies that are realistic to attain. Africa was always sunk in depth with cultures vast in various rich norms and values. Africans were conservative yes they were, and in some parts of the continent it is being discovered the inhabitants of a territory are clad in nothing, but it does not take one thing from them, they were noble with their societal dispositions. Therefore that primitivism was a priceless trait ornamented with refined It was amazing how in far centuries a female as a maiden would tie a wrapper that stands on her thighs and conceal her breast with scanty clothe, one can hardly tell if they had pant underneath but yet, the male had so much regard for their chastity, looking at them they do not see a lose woman but a wife material. Whether driven by lust or love, in courtship they to a good percept, abstain from sex however long it takes the suitor to complete the traditional rites which bind them as husband and wife to do according as they please in conformity with what is expected in the boundary of culture and away from abominable act.

Prestige was a birthed cultivation, being poor or rich did not permit anyone to do otherwise in most African communities, going against the laws of the tradition attracted dire tribulations. But today, civilization that ought to be an elevation from the past breeds seen and unseen barbarity.

With the fact that most ladies wear decent clothes, modesty top of their priority, they get laid without invitation, raped and stigmatized for life or pushed to commit suicide in order to avert shame when it involves a third party; individuals or the African societies would be tending to a loose end if viable cultures are not revamped. In the past men could marry girls with age difference of 20/30, which make the girls no less thanbabies in their early teens, to that effect such is express molestation, taken, this is a foremost cultural view that must be discredited, I guess it is what gives leverage to men whose archaic mentality deem it fit to sexually abuse teenagers with the excuse that if not for changing times they would have been properly married.

Since society shuns that act in 21st century, the salacious Don Juan takes it upon his sinister knowledge base of wane culture to have sex with girls from the age of 10 exalting it traditionally and forget he would seek the permission of the parents and conclude formal rites before he dares to loosen her wrapper if he was to go by norm.

Regulation that help females not to be raped, and the law that punishes the rapist should be ultra-implemented to curb such nuisance in the society. Measures on how to avoid sexual abuses should be televised on local and international media outfits as an everyday show, this is Africa where parents are still shy to educate their daughters on sex course, and school them on how to note positive and negative advances of men. Females both teens, youths, and adult should be sensitized on what precaution to be taken when caught up in the wrong place at the right time, not to be on the wrong setting at the right time and how to modestly associate with the opposite sex with speech and body language, the mouth can speak the words and the body loudens the volume.

The fault of being raped should never be attributed to the female. Roaming on a man’s land without permission is trespassing and punishable by the law, likewise the exploration of a woman’s private part. A man that forcefully makes love with his wife can be jailed if a suit is filed by the lady, so nobody who is guilty of rape should be left to mingle with right thinking people of a society without haven undergone imprisonment, psychological and sociological sessions.

Men should go back to being men, a culture where males were not overridden by open lust and engage in disgraceful actions, and boys be taught how to be real men, real men have respect for the female gender.

It should be made a global law that a female is legible to marry from the official age of 18;

underage marriage is a permissible bye law of some parts of the world, mostly in Asia and Africa which therefore should be clamped down so that females around the globe can boost of equal treatment, whatever that is condemned by positive majority should endeavour to disqualify the minority’s negative. Child marriage should ultimately be modelled as an illegal act, any parent and man that disobeys the law should be served appropriate justice.

Girls who marry before 18 are likely to experience domestic violence. A study conducted by International Centre for Research on Women, ICRW in two states in India found that girls, who were married before 18 were twice likely to report being beaten, slapped or threatened by their husbands than girls who married later.

Child bride often show signs symptomatic of sexual abuse and post-traumatic stress such as feelings of hopelessness and severe depression, and their pregnancy can lead to untimely death. The child marriage is raping the world of females, say no to sexual abuse, and say no to consented brutality. Save the child, and let the world build healthy successful women, spare them the trauma and bestow on them access to Trojan point.

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