Our International Blog is aimed at promoting the true life and success stories of Africans Achievers in the Diaspora and Africans around the world.

We also promote the success stories of Business Entrepreneurs, Start up initiatives, Community organizations, Educational Institutions, Institutions of Faith, Artists, Historians, Community Leaders and people making a big difference in African and Caribbean communities around the world .

If there an initiative you would like to promote, CONTACT US NOW on +447882809005

Our Blog was created over eight years ago. It was inspired by the vision to create a voice and a platform that represents the narratives, true stories and voices of African and Caribbean communities worldwide.

Our content embraces History, Culture, Art, Poetry, Travel, Events and positive initiatives inspired by African and Caribbean Achievers.

We have also organized and facilitated initiatives for African communities in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Malta, Romania, Switzerland, the USA and Nigeria

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2 thoughts on “ABOUT THIS BLOG

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    Hay Tony

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    Prince Kennedy


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