On Friday the 12th of June, FOCUS AFRICA managed by Mr  Atta Kouassi   will be receiving an Africa4u Award at the AFRICA4U ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS FOR AFRICANS IN THE UK, which shall be taking  place on Friday the 12th of June at 6pm at The Stables Hall, the White Lion, 234 Streatham High Road, SW16 1BB

Find out more about this great ambassador below

Born out of a passion for Africa, sound, music, culture and tradition, Focus Organizationwas founded by Kouassi Atta (Cote d’Ivoire) in 2010. His aim was simple, to bring good music to the masses – music with soul, power, difference, honesty and heritage.

It wasn’t long before Atta’s focused energy took him to every corner of London, searching high and low for venues, partners and willing individuals to help host his ambitious music events.

Mingling among artists, afropolitans and music enthusiasts, Atta soon found himself atPassing Clouds, celebrating one of his very first events with the hypnotic rhythms of theSoukous kings, Kasai Masai. It was here that Atta met Victoria Blackshaw, a young gig-goer ready to take on all things focused. Together, they embarked on a journey of no return, working with incredible artists, learning about new genres and dance moves, and connecting with scores of other great promoters around town. Severa Adou, fellow Ivorian and budding musician, moved to London from Paris soon after and joined the Focus team, helping organise gigs all over the capital.

 Launching in East London (Cargo, Passing Clouds, Favela Chic, Open the Gate)Focusmoved across to West London (Mau Mau, Notting Hill Arts Club), popped down to South London for a while (CLF Art Café, Mango Landin’), ran a night in central (MoMo’s) and finally moved back East to host a couple of a residencies (Rich Mix, Charlie Wrights, Bedroom Bar).

 Focus grew, spreading its roots in the London music scene and earning the respect and partnership of organisations like Joyful Noise (London African Music Festival), Wormfood, AGMP, Target Live, Continental Drifts, 2 For The Road.

Focus Organization WINNER Best Events Promoter – BEFFTA AWARDS 2013

Focus Organization nominated for Best Events Promoter – BEFFTA AWARDS 2012.

Focus Organization nominated for Life Changers Awards 2013

 We have now worked with an amazing list of local artists including Muntu Valdo, Kasai Masai, Afla Sackey, Diabel Cissokho, Future Groove, Yaaba Funk, M3nsa, Bumi Thomas, Mashasha and Sam, Harare, Native Sun, Kadialy Kouyate, Djembe Thunder, Dj Edu, DJ Eric Soul, JP Kairo, AJ Holmes, Eddie Boi, Dj CD – Carlos de Carvalho etc..

 In conjunction with our partners, Focus has supported events including Africa Utopia, Africa Express (Amadou & Mariam-Baaba Maal-Bassekou Kouyate’-Rokia Traore Etc with special guest: SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY), Global Local, “The BEST From AFRICA Showcase FESTIVAL”with Continental Drifts, Toumani Dabate’, Jimmy Cliff, One love Festival, Black Uhuru, Catch a Fire, Public Enemy etc…

 Mr Atta of Focus continues to celebrate the diversity of London sounds, from cultures worldwide, and is always looking for new music to promote.

This Community Ambassador continues to make us proud and is a profound example of a Role Model, setting the pace for a better tomorrow

 For all new enquiries or if you just want to say hello, email Mr Atta below:

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