Aro Leonard is an accomplished Media Trainer and Producer who brought his vast media experience to bear on his present job as at BBC Media Action Nigeria. His unique approach tothe job has contributed to the existing wide network of media partnership BBC Media Action enjoys in Nigeria and West Africa.
Aro Leonard has been a very consistent professional in helping to shape better contentdevelopment and programming in the broadcast sector. He is always willing to listen and help findbespoke solutions to each station’s issues. As a Media Trainer, his training techniques are notonly versatile, but are scaled down to meet peculiar situations. He continues in the tradition ofinstilling in Nigerian journalists  best practices in style and technique.”
He produced the “tastiest show on radio” Flava. The show transformed the lives of millions ofNigeria youths – improving their knowledge, attitude and practice o key reproductive health and lifestyle issues. Demonstrated the use of key youth characteristic and likes in pushing specific development themes. Produced award winning and demand creating HIV/AIDS Spots; Designed and produced the largest HIV Testimonial Campaign in Africa.
Aro Leonard founded Kleverest Scenta and Campus Life – platforms under which thousands of young people have been mentored over time. He has a Master’s degree in Environmental and Resources Planning University of Jos. He is of stable character, hard-working, sincere andtrustworthy. He is full of intelligence with the highest sense of responsibility and sincerity

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