“Nothing can replace the feeling of emptiness knowing that you’re gone

A repeat for what has been and gone my soul seems to forever long

You were everything you were supposed to be and so much more

Knowledge of that truth only cements my restlessness

And the hatred of my inability to accept my loss

Your swift departure remains a torturing mystery

Longing for an understanding of what is supposed to be

I will never be free

I stand


of Regret.

I miss you


I love you Dad

And I can’t forget the day we first met

Even though the truth is it’s sad

I can’t remember it in its entirety

I just know the moment was special to me

It was the first moment,

I laid eyes on you

The first moment I felt love in my heart

From the very start

And I knew it to be true,

You see really it wasn’t all that knew to me,

As months before I laid eyes on you

I met my mother

And her love was pure

Instant and raw

Overwhelming everlasting honest and fluid

Hers was the truest

Form of love I ever knew

And I felt it with you too

I knew that you were my Father

You were my Dad

The other half of me

And I knew you would always protect and guide me

With everything that you had

All that you were

And all that you came to be

Your love was resilient

Your love was my wall

The soft fortress I fell back on

Whenever I would trip or fall

You never lost faith

In the woman you believed I could be

I am forever in your debt

I never got to show you

While you breathed air smiled and wept

But now that you are my Angel

I’ll show you how bright my soul shines

You will hear my voice

Angels will rejoice

Your spirit lives on,

Forever through ascendance…”


Kind Regards 

Jennifer Sobola 

Da Sweetnezz

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