The amazing UK based Jackline Waziri from Tanzania is a Published Poet, The CEO of Mwana Events and The AFRICA4U YOUTH AMBASSADOR FOR THE UK. She also took part in THE TONY TOKUNBO FERNANDEZ INTERNATIONAL POETRY COMPETITION 2022

HER AMAZING POEM CAN BE FOUND BELOW . Watch this space for more initiatives by Jackline Waziri

Along the way

The journey may seem unclear
It is with your own eyes
That you must see

The journey may seem far
It is with your hands
That you must part a way

The journey may seem cold
It is with your warmth
That they must feel

The journey may seem unlit
It is with your light
That you must share

The journey may seem heartless
It is with your eternal
That you are deathless

The journey may seem silent
It is with your words
That you are heard

The journey may seem dark
It is your self
That you must find

The journey may seem soundless
It is your echo
That will live to tell

The journey may seem everlasting
It is your only chance
This is the way

©Jackline Waziri
Writer | Poet | Author
Happy New Year Everyone 


#tanzania #spokenword #mindfulness

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