Roger Okewole is a Civil Engineer and the Visionary of 9ja Pop Art. He is based in New Jersey, USA.

He was recently a guest on THE TONY TOKUNBO FERNANDEZ SHOW to talk about his creativity, his passion and THE 9JA POP ART INITITIATIVE. This was an informative show which was enjoyed by all our viewers . CLICK ON THE LINK HERE TO WATCH THE SHORT INTERVIEW


I am Roger Okewole and 9ja Pop Art is a peek into my imagination!

INSPIRATIONS: More than Dali, Rembrandt, Da Vinci, Michelangelo and Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein is my main artistic inspiration. I couldn’t have been older than eight when Mom was showing me Lichtenstein’s works in World Book Encyclopedia.

BEGINNINGS: My parents bought a few of those thick coffee table art books with photos of the great paintings by Old Masters, alongside Greek and Roman sculptures. I was studying anatomy and perspective from those books from a very early age. My folks also bought me every age-appropriate comic book they could find, which truly unlocked my imagination.

I first exhibited in a gallery when I was about 11 years old. I was designing costumes and banners for carnivals in Nigeria when I was in my early teens. I was 16 when I got my first graphics job with an advertising agency in Lagos.

I worked as a graphic artist while at college in Nigeria and the USA. I did all this without a single day in art school. My folks insisted I follow the “responsible eldest son” path and I got a Civil Engineering degree and an MBA.

Then things changed…After about a 10-year hiatus spent climbing the corporate ladder, I formed 9ja Pop Art to bring my artistic side back to life.

MEDIA: I mostly use pencils, inks, watercolor pencils and computer graphics; I like to mix it up and my creative impulses tend to go in very different directions. The only thing I never do is photobashing

I hope you enjoy the ride as much as I have!!!

My art business has been designated as a “Trusted Art Seller” with The Art Storefronts Organization, which means you can shop with confidence, and know that I stand behind the quality and value of my products.


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