Sade Sangowawa – Founder  and Chief Executive, Cultures CIC
Sade Sangowawa is the founder and chief executive of Cultures a community interest
company based at 66 Dovecot Street, Stockton which aims to advance the economic, social and cultural integration practices for disadvantaged BME, Refugee and migrant
communities in the Northeast. She is also co-founder founder of YFT Consult a Health and Cultural awareness consultancy.

She has designed various projects for schools and communities aimed at promoting social and economic inclusion of new communities. She is a strategic thinker with a passion to increase cultural awareness and entrepreneurship in disadvantaged communities through collaborative work. One of such project is Cultures Homes aimed at providing affordable housing for Migrants while helping to develop skills needed in a new environment.
She is the founder of the A Taste of Africa events in its 17th year in Tees Valley and The Black History Youths awards.
Also co-founder of the first integrated enterprise women’s network in Tees Valley called
Buddy group. She is also a cultural awareness trainer and author of various books e.g. Similarities and Differences, Dare to be Different (Religious Resource), Black inventors, Black achievers, Black British Achievers resource for young learners, RAWE (Raising Awareness of Work Ethics) etc.
She hold a BA in Business Management and MBA (Masters in Business Administration).
She has won few awards over the period. Married with 3 children.



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