Anzir Boodoo is a freelance Urbanist working around transport, planning and urban sustainability, and has worked extensively with The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (in the UK and Mauritius), Planners Network UK, Living Streets Leeds, Zero Carbon Yorkshire and Leeds Disabled People’s Organisation. He also co-founded Leeds Disabled People’s Organisation CIC to provide an independent campaigning voice for disabled people in the city, which has since worked with Leeds City Council, West Yorkshire Police and Leeds Pride


As an artist, he works with storytelling, puppets and light, with a diverse portfolio of work exploring Biology, Physics, History, Propaganda, and the environmental impact of technology. All this work is done in collaboration, both with The Superposition collective of Artists, Scientists and Makers he helps to run, and with outside partners. He has exhibited at Light Night Leeds, Leeds Science Week and Superposition’s ASMbly Festival.


Anzir Boodoo MRes MILT | Urbanist, Samuel L. Foxton

Twitter: @samuellfoxton Facebook, Pinterest & YouTube: Samuel L. Foxton



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