Marion Amanambu is the unrivaled queen of journalistic sarcasm. 

Founder CEO Nigerian Celebrity Network. 

Owner, Cicci FabLoso Inc. dealers in exotic Jewelry & accessories

Broadcast Journalist 

Content Editor/Creator 

IT Development Project Program Manager,

Travel Enthusiast, 

Businesswoman with over 1.6 million Instagram followers. 

Cicci FabLoso Media Mgt Inc. (Television, Music Production & Artiste Management). 

Healthcare Administrator (MBA)

Project Management Profession(PMP)

A visionary business consultant with a hollistic birds eyeview of your product and project development lifecycles.  A self-made enterpreneur, Producer & Director of #PillowTalkwithFab” Travel Show


Marion was born over 50 years ago in Lagos, Nigeria. 

She started her career in media over 25 years ago as a Client Communication Manager with a small Advertisement Agency in Apapa Lagos, Nigeria. 

She quickly transitioned into Broadcast Media and Journalism, co-producing and hosting content for a private Independent television producer in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. 

She became successful with her weekly television show titled” HOME IMPROVEMENT TELEVISION” which had a weekly run on the largest network, television station in Nigeria at the time, Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

She was subsequently cast and hired to co-host a brand new innovative & groundbreaking daily weekday Breakfast Show” on national TV called Daybreak Nigeria

The Producer Yinka Craig was so impressed by her outstanding performance that he hired her immediately. 

She later moved to the United States in 2001 after an invitation by the United Nations to attend a global conference on the Environment and Sustainable Development. Specially hand-picked to represent Nigeria by legendary Philanthropist, Writer & Author, Naiwu Osahon.

Before her relocation to the USA, Marion hosted her own weekly show on the national TV Network (Nigerian Television Authority) called “The Environment” where she pioneered her TV show that acted as a societal watchdog for politicians and government officials, thus ensuring their public transparency, social accountability and civic responsibilty.

Marion Amanambu co-host for the “Daybreak Nigeria TV Show” alongside veteran ace broadcaster, Yinka Craig.


Marion’s ability to manage people, processes, and resources is second to none. 

She has had many years of hardcore personal handson experience managing multi-million dollar enterprise level initiatives, interacting with and managing projects and people from all walks of life. 

In the last 15 years, Marion has worked actively in the IT, Healthcare, Insurance, and Retail Industry managing and overseeing multiple million-dollar enterprises, scopes, strategies, projects, and business initiatives. 

She is involved in process improvement as well as implementing brand-new technologies, in support of governmental mandates, critical missions, and businesses’ critical applications. 

Marion currently consults for large multi-national organisations leading both IT and Business transformation and strategic initiatives leading agile and hybrid teams and overseeing 3rd Party Vendor On Prem and Cloud, Data technology and Network implementations from initial engagement – RFI, RFP, through final vendor selection, SOW and contracting. 

At a given time, Marion works with more than 25 different business areas including Risk Management, Audit, Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Reporting, DevOps, Process Engineering, Operational Readiness, Change Management, HR, Training & Dev, etc directly managing more than 150 resources on an initiative. 

As a founder and CEO of Nigerian Celebrity Network, an organization that plays a pivotal role in uniting indigenous and Nigerian Celebrities in the diaspora, her achievements include providing a platform for equal collaboration which has helped to sustain the international public image of the Nigerian entertainment industry. 

In an effort to distinguish her brand, Marion Amanambu made a historic 23-day trip across Asia, journeying through 7 countries and 8 cities in 2018. Sharing live videos from each country and city; mesmerizing her social media followers.

She was notably the first black woman to step on Kota Kinabalu Island in Malaysia according to a Borneo woman she met during her adventure.

As part of her 23 day Asia Tour in 2018 Marion visited 10 cities in 7 countries 

Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Bangkok & Ayatthuya (Thailand), Singapore, Hong Kong

Kuala Lumpur & Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia)

Manilla & Makati (Philippines)

Guangzhou (ChIna)

Cicci FabLoso as she is fondly called by family, friends, and fans and is an”Enigma”

Her mysterious nature and her Social Media posts are outstanding. 

Her knack for thought-provoking journalistic writing and video blog is exhilarating and addictive. 

She is notorious for infusing subtle, sarcasm into her work. 

Her choice of words and play on words come across as a little too honest and opinionated; perhaps too direct to handle for an unprepared mind 

Her thought-provoking semantics have stirred numerous social media debates and reactions. 

She is an achiever, a lion’s heart, who dares to venture where most will not attempt 

She continually pushes her journalistic and creative abilities beyond the envelope. 

Her talents are endless. 

A recording artiste, a lyricist, a poet, and a spoken word artist.

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