Happiness and wellness is a mindset! – BY COACH WAYNE DAWSON, BASED IN THE STATES

πŸ’₯Happiness and wellness is a mindset!

πŸ’’Fellas!!! Get out of your head!

Researchers, philosophers, religious and political leaders, politicians and scientists have long known…

πŸ’‘Your mindset directly affects your state of happiness and overall wellbeing.

Stop worrying about missed opportunities! They cannot be undone.

Never invite anxiety by being fixated with the future. It is uncertain.

πŸ“ŒInstead do these things:

βœ…Surround your self with positive-vibes people and environment.

βœ…Exercise consistently to keep your body (and mind) attuned and charged with optimal vitality.

βœ…Eat fresh, wholesome food to fuel and sustain your life-activities.

βœ…Everything is not about you. Free yourself from personalizing “stuff.” Less baggage to carry.

βœ…Be grateful for all your “gifts.” Gratitude occupies space, replacing scarcity and lack.

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See you at the top

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Coach Wayne


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