George Badejo-Adegbenga, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MIM Finance Company and
Loans 2 Go Limited (Nigeria)

George Badejo-Adegbenga was born in Nigeria West Africa. He grew up in Lagos and Ogun State where he completed his elementary and secondary education. George went on to study accounting at an
institution in Nigeria but instead of pursuing a career in accounting, he decided to pursue his childhood
dream of becoming a lawyer. His dream was realised when he relocated to the UK and enrolled to study
law whilst working as a credit management professional.

George qualified as a Barrister of England and Wales in 2009 and is currently the Chief Legal Counsel of Loans 2 Go Limited (UK) and the founder of several firms in the UK and Nigeria (e.g., MIM Finance
Company Limited (Nigeria), Loans 2 Go Limited (Nigeria) and Ethica Resolve Limited (UK). George is
blessed with four beautiful daughters and happily married. As a lawyer and entrepreneur, George
particularly enjoys mentoring aspiring Africans wanting to start up a business or excel as an employee
within their organisation.

In George’s spare time, he provides pro bono services to many people and enjoys every moment
because he strongly believes it’s his little way of giving back to his community.

Amongst his numerous academic achievements, George holds a Master of Law degree (LLM) from BBP University College London and a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from University of Oxford.

George is undoubtedly one of the most well-rounded and versatile African lawyer and entrepreneur
within the FinTech space.

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