When you start, many will not believe in you especially those in your close circle. However, there are a few that will catch the vision from day one and some will catch it later.The advantage is many know your weakness more than your strength so they conclude you can’t make it.

Secondly, you are adventuring to an uncomfortable Zone when they are still in their comfort zone so is a worry to many.

What you need to do is to make your works speak for you and not your words. Be an inspiration to many. Let some sit back and say because of you, I have achieved ABC……There is one thing you should not forget, those you started with and stayed with you.

The journey of pursuing a vision is tough but is achievable when you understand you are the vision carrier so the disappointment of no one should be a discouragement to you.

Remember, #itspossibleifonlyyoubelieveOscar Bimpong

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