Ismael Lea South is the Director of The Salam Project, a BME youth and community initiative. This initiative promotes employment opportunities, accredited training, volunteer opportunities and positive UK Urban artistic expression. (Hip Hop, Reggae, Slam Poetry etc.)Born and bred in north west London of Jamaican Caribbean parentage. Married to his Nubian Queen for over 10 years with 2 children. Even though he’s a Convert/Revert Muslim, he considers himself a Garveyite. With his social social enterprise, he works between the L.Brent, L.B Lambeth, Lozzells in Birmingham and Moss Side in Manchester. As a BME Community Consultant he works passionately in the Black (African & African Caribbean) community and The Muslim community.He is the co-founder of The UK Black African & African Caribbean Awards

He mainly facilitates and advises many BME organisations on grassroots projects concerning extremism, radicalisation, BME youth unemployment and gang (gun & knife) crime. He goes into schools, prisons and youth clubs to facilitate workshops. His workshops touch on business start ups, employability skills, accessing funding for community projects, identity and Black British History. He knows that it is important to facilitate workshops on social enterprise start-ups, business start ups and Boys to Men (Black Boys rites of passage)

Through The Salam Project he works in partnership with various groups against gang crime, extremism/radicalisation (aimed towards Black African & African Caribbean Youths) and BME youth unemployment.

With The Faiths Forum For London he is the chief consultant on a pioneering project that promotes dialogue to get African/African Caribbean Pastors and Imams Working together to challenge gang crime (gun & knife) in communities

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