Mr Sunny Lambe is A Community leader and a business management consultant with over 20 years experience; ranging from small and medium enterprise development, advice, mentoring, training, and management consultancy services covering public, private and voluntary.

He has worked on a significant number of social and economic development projects and policy initiatives relating to employment, enterprise, international development, community empowerment and social inclusion such as the New Deal Self Employment Option, National Neighbourhood Renewal Initiative, National Neighbourhood Nurseries Initiative, school and college mergers, Black History Month, Youth economic empowerment initiatives, etc.

He became a Labour Party member because of its ethos on fairness, tolerance, equality and social justice. These ideals are very core to his personal belief;

He strongly believes in giving something back and being part of the change He wants to see through active involvement. It is therefore not surprising that he has been actively involved in a significant number of community development initiatives for Promoting Diversity and Community Cohesion-He formed the Confederation of AfricanProfessionals UK formed in 1998, representing interests of African professionals. He was also a member of Southwark Group of Tenants and Residents Organisation for several years, representing the interests of Southampton Way Tenants and Residents Association, dealing with issues around repairs, homelessness, re-housing, property insulation, children’s play area, cleaning, lift breakdowns, antisocial behaviour issues, etc.

While He was the chairman of Southwark Black History Month and Black Heritage Organisation (SBHO) for several years, He took the Black History Month event celebration to the Peckham Square for the first time in 2005 in order to use it as a vehicle to ‘building community cohesion and a spirit of togetherness’ among our diverse communities.

Mr Lambe is  also a  community leader with a very active Involvement and participation in numerous community initiatives such as Southwark Alliance Enterprise/Local Economic Partnership Board (deputy chair), school governing bodies, tenants and residents associations, church council, and many other voluntary professional contributions. His  leadership style transcends ethnic, tribal and racial divides!

He strongly belief that people’s life chances can be improved and economic prosperity achieved through compassionate economic policies which recognise self employment as a viable employment option. This was why he founded the Basic Business Initiative (BBI) in2001 with a mission to promoting entrepreneurship and self economic empowerment as a means to helping people climb out of poverty and social exclusion. He was the vice chair of Southwark Local Economy Group for several years, shaping employment and enterprise policies and delivery strategies across the borough. Despite the challenging economic climate, BBI continues to provide free advice, information, guidance, mentoring and support to the unemployed, most especially our young people.

In 1989, He became the first leader of the Union of Communications Workers, Associate Grade Post Persons in my local Rathbone Place delivery office London, from 1989 to 1994, fighting for the rights of part-time postal workers, representing them at disciplinary hearings, union and management decision making meetings, etc. The part time workers’ rights later became a Labour Party and government policy when Labour came to power in 1997.

In 2001, He established the Peckham Supplementary School (PSS) which was launched by the Rt. Hon. Harriet Harman MP, in response to the unfortunate death of Damilola Taylor, rising youth crime and anti-social behaviour in the area. The project provided young people with support in English, maths, Black History, drama and other youth engagement activities across the borough and beyond.

Furthermore, in 2007, He also founded the Sunny Lambe Young Entrepreneur Game Award (SLYEG) now called Young Entrepreneur Game Award (YEGA). YEGA is an annual enterprise competition that allows young adults between ages of 13 and 30 to test their business and enterprise idea out with the aim to giving them self economic empowerment.

In 2004, having been the chairman of Southwark Black History Month event for several years, He decided to launch the annual Black Business Awards as part BBI UK’s activities in order to recognise and celebrate Diversity and Achievement in Southwark and beyond. The event has now become an annual calendar event.

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He became a Labour Party member in 1999 because of its ethos on fairness, tolerance, equality and social justice.

Mr Lambe has  a strong passion for international development. He believes prosperity can be spread through the kindness of a few people and some practical self economic and social empowerment programmes that can be introduced with minimum fuzz, by our individual and collective will to make a difference.

He has  worked with the Rt. Hon. Harriet Harman QC MP onthe Shadow International Development Policy Review Task Group on Business and Enterprise a couple of years ago, which is hoped to shape future Labour Government Policy on International Development Aid and local transformational Give Something Back!

As part of his ‘give something back initiatives’ both here in the UK and Africa, he started the rebuilding of my old primary school, IMG Primary School Ibadan Oyo State in 2008. A whole block of two classrooms was completed and furnished through financial donations and support of various kinds from friends, families and associates. We still need books and science equipment for the young people. And, as a former student of Methodist High School in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria, his home town and where he had my secondary school education, this is another project I’m very passionate about starting in the near future.

If you are interested in supporting any of his initiatives through financial donations and or in-kind support, please feel free contact him.

Awards and Honours

He has won several awards for my positive professional and civic contributions; among which are

o Honorary Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough of Southwark,

Southwark Civic Award, May 2012 (BBI UK)

o Professional Excellence-Gathering of Africa’s Best Award, October 2012

o Change Makers Exemplary Business Award 2011

o Change Makers Best Practice Award 2010

o Honorary Liberty of the Old Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell,

Southwark Civic Award, May 2006 (Personal)

o Several other awards nominations

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LINKS: http://www.bbinitiative.com

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