By Livy-Elcon Emereonye

Early. It’s bright and early

That none can rightly guess the offer

But like the transience of things

The weather a new form, look take

And everywhere’s cloudy!

Cloudy. It’s indeed cloudy

When heaven’s begging for answer

Cloudy indeed it’s that serenity’s the answer

Then comes a cure for somnolence –

And heavy sleepers’re not left out!

There’s rest for the workaholics for some minutes

As ponderability over the magnitude sedates

Cool. It’s cool and darker as early sun’s aborted

Then in its drizzly manner, there’s visitor without a knock –

The rain started, raining cats and dogs.

Cat and dog run for cover, humans lie with much cover

May be to take a nap or even to steal rest

But for truant it’s enough excuse for addiction

Or how inconsiderate can the boss be to ask why?

Yet there’re more whys than anticipated!

There’s the why for occurrence of repeated morning rain

And the why of the ceaseless distortion, 

disturbances it brings about!

Like a frivolous wave, laughter on many employees’ faces exists

And this can easily be explained, as the employers will but count

losses – As the workforce at home stay to rest!

And like the wind that goes where it chooses,

 the ceaseless drops of water form mighty erosion.

Erosion here and there leaves many uncomfortable, homeless:

The continuation of the rain brings more continuum of pain

Those with leaking roofs have everything dampened and soaked

While inhabitants of swampy area move but with boats!

Like thieves that come to steal and destroy

The rain takes more hours than anticipated

That sleepers after the rest wake up to meet the peak:

After seven hours of heavy downpour, there’s a change of gear

That one can on top most voice shout without a notice

Leaving only but frustration –

This complex’s worsened by the criss-cross movement of worms

That protest in search of something to eat!

The eyes after swelling swell again…

This time not by sleep but hunger

The hunger that suffocates even hope’s all that’s left

As soup’s soured and stove watered

Yet there’s no way to get out of the room

 where discomfort’s sole partner.

The boss whose duplex’s filled with foodstuff

experiences no pain at all

But the workforce suffers…

As things get out of hand, 

he that laughed first also cried first –

When you think you’re cheating others,

You may actually be punishing yourself.

So make no caricature and

 Burn not your emotions in trashcan!

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