At some point, place or time

When doors are slammed in your face

When your lover has taken you apart 

And turned you into a thousand piece puzzle 

Let your tears make a puddle 

But keep moving

When the sun violently blinds

When its heat mercilessly drains  

When there is no relief in sight 

Let your sweat run to the ground

But keep trekking

When you till and thistles grow 

when progress seems far flung

And the thorn filled field your only road

When broken glass is laid out for you 

Let your blood leave a trail 

But keep marching

When fire is set to your dreams 

Intending to run you aground

When the smoke rises from your skin

Leaving you hot and pale

Let your body shed the ashes 

But keep walking 

May you reap tenfold from the earth

May the fire refine you 

May the sun light your path 

And as it sets 

Let the fiery promise 

Of the auburn sun 

Wrap its warm arms around you

Fill you with hope and longing 

For the better days ahead 

                                                                                                     Jayne Nelson-Uzuegbu

Jayne was born in the northern state of Kano in Nigeria where she completed her primary and secondary education. She graduated from Igbinedion university with a degree in law. She is an aspiring writer and a lover of pasta and poetry. She lives in Lagos, Nigeria.

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