My name is Vivian Oguche, a Christian from Kogi State, Nigeria and I work for Silverbird TV, Lagos.

I studied Biochemistry in school but six months after my national youth service corp, NYSC (it’s mandatory in Nigeria, except if you apply for an exemption), I was at home (Kogi), listening to the radio when I heard about an audition for presenters in Joy FM, Otukpo, Benue State.

It was a station owned by the then President of the Senate, David Mark and was very popular in the north central region where I lived.

I applied for the job and out of about one hundred and twenty applicants, myself and two others were chosen.

That was the beginning of my journey as a broadcaster and I practically learnt on the job.

Not too long after, I was nominated by the station for a training by the then BBC trust and that was how I met one of my great teachers, Aro Leonard.

From Joy FM,  I went on to serve at Cosmo FM, to Vision FM, to Loveworldplus TV, to Galaxy TV, to Rose FM and then to Silverbird TV where I currently work as a news anchor/environment correspondent.

It has been a most adventurous career.

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