I am Dienaba, the founder of Essentials by Esmé.

Essentials by Esmé is an online retailer specialising in the supply of experience and gift boxes made up with products from small wellness and homeware businesses, responsible and environmentally engaged suppliers and producers.

Essentials by Esmé cashes in on the concept of “treat yourself” by creating a distinctive “experience” to the client through ready-made boxes. The client also has the option of creating her/his own experience by creating a box.

This project was born during the first lockdown period.

Before the Coronavirus crisis I was living life at full speed, working crazy hours and spending an unbelievable amount of time commuting into central London. So being able to have a break and go through a deep reflection about my life and what I really wanted to do were life changing for me.

I could also spend more time with my family.

I started to make some themed boxes to send to my family and friends and it was so heartening to see how happy they were to receive them. My whole experience during the lockdown sowed the seeds for Essentials by Esmé!

Essentials by Esmé’s values are responsible commitment, quality, environment protection, sustainability and ethics.

Please spread the word around ❤

Below the link to the website and more info 🙂



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