There are 51 official cities in England and the list of these places have been granted city status by letters patent or royal character.

In the last two decades I have had the opportunity to visit over 30 Countries around the world but I have also had the opportunity to visit 40 of the 51 Official cities of England

There is always something profound that makes cities stand out, it could be the history, the architecture, the sceneries, the diversity of people, its identity or even simple things like the thoughts and emotions we feel when we embrace the new walls of a city.

Have you ever travelled to a new place and felt you are in familiar territory?

Travelling opens our minds into a new world of history, culture, experiences and a new transition of growth.

NEWCASTLE is one of the 51 Official cities I have visited in England


  1. Newcastle is situated in north east of England and is the most populous city of the North East. I have visited this City many times and it has a lot of iconic sights, great architecture, statues and a refreshing feel that is quite unique. It also has a lot of art and culture, there are lots of great sceneries on the outskirts as well as beeches, coastlines and countryside.
  2. The people are part of reasons that make up a great city and the Geordies have a friendly and easy-going spirit. They also love to party, so this is a great place to put on your bucket list if you fancy something different and refreshing. 
  3. It is easy to navigate this City on foot as it perfectly formed and organized, alternatively you can also take advantage of the Metro System.
  4. Newcastle also has some very interesting landmarks and buildings that are worth discovering.  The Newcastle 12th Century castle is an amazing site with some breath-taking views across the City, you cannot also afford to miss Anthony Gomleys iconic angel of the North statue in Gateshead
  5. Newcastle has always had an amazing nightlife with a wide range of options dotted round the City and even surrounding bay regions such as Whitley bay.  The city continues to attract party lovers from all over the country as well as Scotland

Tony Tokunbo Eteka  Fernandez

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