Liverpool’s youngest bestselling author, Latoya Likambi, makes another historic move by publishing her third book, Anderson Adventure, at age 13!

Liverpool’s youngest bestselling author, Latoya Likambi, makes another historic move by publishing her third book, Anderson Adventure, at age 13!

She wrote her first book at the tender age of 7 – which was published when she turned 10 and published her second book at age 12! This is her 3rd book and the second in her famous bestseller series, KASEY’S DIARY! One of her many passions includes fine art and design, which she meticulously reveals once again by illustrating the cover design and all of the images in this book!

 “I would love to see many more children from around the world become published authors and positive role models to their peers… And knowing that I inspire other children by writing, drives me to publish more books.”  Latoya Likambi

Following the huge success of her second book, Kasey’s Diary, Latoya now takes us on a remarkable and exciting journey in this series of Kasey’s Diary – An Anderson Adventure! It promises to be even more exciting, adventurous, and relatable than Kasey’s Diary!

Are you ready to go on an adventurous and memorable ride with The Anderson Family? Then, this is your chance! Get your copy of the book today and get ready to kick off… We are about to take off with this visionary young author and The Andersons! LET’S GO!

Latoya Likambi is Liverpool’s youngest best-selling author, an entrepreneur, and a positive role model for children globally. She is a highly confident, eloquent, and inspiring young speaker and influencer, with a passion to inspire young people to unleash their creative genius and fulfill their maximum potential, while staying authentic and true to themselves.

She has featured on diverse national and international Radio and Television programs/stations to talk about her books and passions and has been a guest speaker at various schools, community groups, business events/ conferences, and in The House of Commons.

She is the founder of Teyes Eye Skincare & Cosmetics and Co-founder/ mentor at Likambi Global Publishing.

You can find out more about Latoya and her inspiring work and books at

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