There are 51 official cities in England and the list of these places have been granted city status by letters patent or royal character.

In the last two decades I have had the opportunity to visit over 30 Countries around the world but I have also had the opportunity to visit 40 of the 51 Official cities of England

There is always something profound that makes cities stand out, it could be the history, the architecture, the sceneries, the diversity of people, its identity or even simple things like the thoughts and emotions we feel when we embrace the new walls of a city.

Have you ever travelled to a new place and felt you are in familiar territory?

Travelling opens our minds into a new world of history, culture, experiences and a new transition of growth.

CHESTER is one of the 51 Official cities I have visited in England


  1. Chester is the best persevered walled city in England as its medieval walls form the most complete circuit around any town or city in England.  It is also a great city to take photographs and I was quite impressed on a recent visit.
  2. Chester has been described as one of England’s prettiest cities, attracting thousands of tourists every year.  It is also probably one of my favorite cities together with cities like York, Bath, Liverpool and Leeds.
  3. Chester is the home of the Chester Cathedral – an imposing but very beautiful structure which dates back to the 11 and 12 centuries
  4. The Roman Amphitheatre in Chester is the largest Amphitheatre in the whole of Britain and dates back to the 1st Century.  It is definitely worth a visit and is only a minute walk from the Roman Gardens and The Chester City Walls
  5. Chester is the home of Cheshire cheese and also some award-winning restaurants dotted round the beautiful small city.

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