I am Chief Emmanuel Koko Eyamba Marshall from Duke Town, Calabar South Local Government of Cross River State, Nigeria. I am the second of seven siblings of my parents and was brought up by my grandparents, who impacted a wealth of life experiences in me. I’ll describe myself as an adventurist whose life is driven by an enthusiasm to help others and get things done wherever around the world. I am pretty emotional and passionate in all my endeavors. That is to say, I have a great understanding perception and anticipation in what I do. I dislike falseness and so I always say as humans we are players on earth, and have to contribute our best for the benefit of mankind.


As a child, I grew up living with my grandparents with my numerous Grand-uncles, Grand-aunties, Uncles, Aunties and cousins. I also had numerous friends I had then “myself”, hence I discovered inner drive. I attended the famous Duke Town Primary School, Eyamba Street,  and the famous St. Patrick’s College (SPACO), Ikot Ansa, both in Calabar, Cross River  State, Nigeria. One situation that spurred me on then was that, I had a dynamic support and as such, became focused. I grew through those developmental days happy because, as there was competitive support from teachers and my peers, academically and socially.


In 1983, I took a decision to exit from working experience to study. I got admission to University of Manchester to study Accounting and Finance. I had become an active member of the Students Union and the local branch of the Nigerian National Union. After graduating in 1986, I went to pursue further professional studies in London, combining with working part time as the newly introduced Second Tier Foreign Exchange market in Nigeria impeded the processing of and receipts of tuition fees and grants.


After my secondary education, In 1976, I was employed by Lewis and Peat (Nig) Limited in Oghara, Sapele, Delta (then Bendel) State, a Rubber Processing and Shipping firm; with vast business ties to United Kingdom and Nigerian business moguls; with its own private jetties in Oghara and Sapele, dealing with imports and exports worldwide. I was exposed to different nationalities and shapes businessmen, that helped broaden my base. My working here started as a Clerical Assistant, rising through the ranks to Accounting Supervisor and Assistant Accountant when I left to Study abroad.

After my University studies, I worked in a variety of organizations, amongst whom were Rotter’s Discotheque in Manchester, McDonalds Restaurants Ltd, Royal Mail, a Charity-United African Women Forum and South West London and St Georges’ Mental NHS Trust in London.


Right from childhood through to adulthood, I have been involved in voluntary services wherever I lived. I was a mass server in both primary and secondary schools. I was a member of Young Christian Students, Debating Society, Man O War Bay, the Choristers and the Band Set. In my adult life, I worked voluntarily with several charitable organizations.  I am a member of AkwaCross Nigerian Catholic Chaplaincy in UK and Ireland, The Calabar Union of the United Kingdom, many others and was very active in the social circle. I am collaborative, compassionate, consistent, and respectful; and open to all.  This is what I live for and hope world must become a better place.

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