He kicked him framed him up, after some brutalizing he

Got him some years  then threw him behind the prison bars!!! 

Sure he simply knows that it didnt matter he was BLACK!

He used her up got her

Pregnant and dumped her with pregnancy to figure out her struggle..he always thought because she was BLACK so it just didnt matter…

The mental slavery system of WELFARE structured to cater for the less privileged MOTHER, was put in place to be prominently patronized by the BLACK females cos those cadres of population didnt really matter…

Time and again BLACK kids being victimised by Gangsters white kids, plus being victimised by even the police sometimes getting killed and buried off without any justification of their mode of DEATH..ooooh yes they deserved to DIE, they were BLACK….it didnt matter!

JUST like the June 16th

I944, Electrocuting incident..of the young lad, whether guilty or not He was BLACK AND DESERVED TO DIE..it just did NOT  matter 

Then in the city of Minneapolis…

he knelt on his neck…deprived him of breathing…Then he pleaded a dozen times for a chance to breathe.

In his words ‘I cannot breathe’A whooping dozen times PLUS…in their thinking…

He is BLACK 

So why should it matter…??

Then when he DIED the

World eruptions began

World protests began

The lootings the burnings 

The vandalism, breaking ups.The sanctions Every where agog no peace the white house in disarray…

And so gradually Maybe perhaps it began to sink.. that these were not those ancestors, this generation was more definite and focused and wouldnt call for peace…

Untill justice was served…

Then they began to understand This age LONG agitation!!!!!s

For equality not even REVENGE…was what they sort for….

That indeed.. just maybe THESE…


We hope someday and that VERY soon that our Brothers can effectively and respectfully realize that BLACK LIVES JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER LIVES MATTER TOO!!!


JCI sen. Princess Ayi Umo

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