©COVD19 Lockdown

By Eulinda Antonette Clarke-Akalanne

Monday 27th April 2020


On 16th March (2020) I started isolating,

to protect myself from Coronavirus cross infection.

This unprecedented lock down opened doors for me all around.

Some of these I’ll relate but others I’ll unfold on another date.

I’m busier now than I’ve been before, doing things I’ve not done of yore.

Every day after ablution I meditate, then follow the daily routine I create

I exercise and deep breathe too,

Tai Chi practice, I regularly do.

Daily I walk 1000 steps or more,

circling around from my front door to my back door

or I’ll go up and downstairs 35 times, while singing musical rhymes

I’ve scanned my address book and diary, and using social media successfully,

networked with friends and family, while reaching out to those who’re lonely.

I’ve invented culinary delights, like orange peel tea & green-banana skin bites.

The weather has been fairly good, so I’m enjoying things in my ‘hood’,

I see the difference between a wasp and a bee

and listen to birds singing in the nearby tree.

My creative juices have been stimulated

and lots more poems I’ve created.

I’ve written a short autobiography, for the magazine, ‘People in Harmony’.

Three on-line courses I’ve completed and Mindfulness I have repeated.

I’ve learnt to compress a massive file, and change Microsoft word to a PDF file.

My piano key board I’ve rediscovered for years it laid undisturbed.

I’ve now started once more to play, a little tune each day

I’ve discovered who cares about me,

these are my son, William and his family,

and Mandy, Ruth, Vesna and Valerie,

who religiously do my shopping for me.

Others bring joy and show kindness to me, by demonstrating their loyalty.

There’s Nagina my ‘adopted’ daughter who has the most wonderful nature

she shines with a beautiful aura.

I adhere to six feet distancing and remain in social isolation.

I don’t touch my grandchildren physically,

but bed-time stories I tell them electronically.

I sing and dance with on line training, and Mr. Motivator exercising

My perceptions are more aware and I smell and breathe fresher air

With a sip of honeyed lemon tea, the melodious pigeon coos I hear.

The rays of the sun are warm on my skin, as the vitamin “D” in my pelt sinks in.

The sky is clearer now at night and I see myriads of   stars shining bright.

Numerous clouds are visible during the day

Some whose names I can barely say.

There’s cumulus billowing by

Or nimbostratus darkening the sky,

Life’s not too bad for me, in this shutdown society.


This work is protected by copyright.  No part of this work may be copied, stored, transmitted or distributed without my expressed prior written approval.




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