Isaiah 54:15 Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by Me; whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake. With such heavenly assurances, all Focus is now on the Livestream Diaspora Broadcast on Saturday 16/05/2020; 14:00 CET /13:00 Abuja and will be honored to take your questions on Diaspora Matters, including;
1: (Covid-19 NIDSAFE Program
2: NIDOE, NIDCOM and Diaspora participation
3: Diaspora Voting Right & Diaspora political participation for homeland development
4: Planned media campaign of calumny and misinformation for standing up for Diaspora issues

The livestream will be anchored by the Diaspora Media houses:

a) African Heritage Media (Germany);
b) Afrobizgermany (Germany);
c) Naija EU TV (Spain);
d) Tony Tokunbo Fernandez Africa4U Media (UK);
e) Diaspora Reporters (Finland);
f) Tell Nigeria (Swiss)
g) Tell Africa (Ireland);
i) African Tide (Germany);
j) Nigeria Business Club & media (Germany); k) African Courier (Germany)
j) Samurahh Group (Nigeria), plan are in the final stage for BENTV London.
Inbox me or send all your questions to the above media house.

On Sunday, the 17/05/2020 12:00 CET/11:00 Abuja Time, Special Livestream Thanksgiving Service will follow, direct from Chapels of Believers International Christian Ministry (COB), Germany. Tune in to my private and official Social media handle (s) or the above listed media for live coverage on the said dates for the livestream. Celebrating God for his Grace and mercy over us.
Thank you for your gift of friendship & Support by turning in.


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