Dr Sola Adesola is an ordained Minister of the Gospel in Pastoral leadership since 2006 at Holding Forth the Word Ministry in Milton Keynes. Over this time Sola served as Minister In Charge at Cranfield Pentecostal Assembly at Cranfield University.

Sola now heads up the lunch-time ;Finding God @ Brookes a weekly Bible Study she founded 3 years ago at Oxford Brookes University where she works as Senior Lecturer in the Business School. Her spiritual strengths lie in the areas of expository Teaching of the Word, carries an unction in the Ministry of the Holy Spirit, functioning in Apostolic Authority, and helping to strengthen the Intercessory gifts and Youth Leadership Development within the Body of Christ. Sola is a sought-after leader and featured speaker at gatherings.

Dr Sola Adesola is a published author of 'Reflections of God's Word for Strength' and shares bible thoughts and insights on her Facebook blog through #reflectionsofgodswordforstrength

Dr Sola Adesola is blessed with 29 years of marriage, two adult children and a grandson.


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