We are pleased to announce   that Mr Benjamin Okon Nyong has just been named as The Calabar representative for our UK based organisation  – AFRICA4U ASSOCIATION .
Benjamin Nyong is a Graduate Research Assistant in Arthur Jarvis University, Calabar. He has specialinterest in Efik language, with several published works to his credit. He is a two time awardee of theObong of Calabar Executive Forum Scholarship for studies and researches in the Efik Language.
He is an Oxford English Dictionary Consultant for Efik terms. Benjamin is passionate about applying histheoretical linguistics ideas to solving community related problems, He is currently the Head of Research at Save the Deaf and Endangered Languages Initiative (, there he combines his love for selfless service and linguistics by being involved in the advocacyfor the development of literacy and numeracy of deaf children together with the reproductive health rights of deaf girls in Nigeria and the documentation of the Indigenous Nigerian Signed Langauge.
He has contributed chapters (with Profs. Stella Ansa and Ako Essien) in Fonetik Efik: Nwed Ukpepñkpo mme Uyom Iko and two Efik poetry texts titled; Ñkpasip Ñkpo Kiet: Ñwed Uto Iko Efik (2018).
He is an Arthur Jarvis Scholar, a Masters fellow in the University of Uyo and a member of the Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN).

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