To succeed is not about what you don’t have but about what you can do to achieve your goals against all odds.

To get to the pinnacle of your success depends on you and not a third party. Your sheer determination, passion and desire to succeed should supersede any obstacle against your success.

For those wanting to start their vision big quoting huge sums of money with unmeasurable resources instead of starting small, this a message from Sadio Mane of Liverpool to you. The first picture is his first trial for an academy in Dakar and just imagine the boots that he was wearing.

First I want to ask you how long you have waited and still waiting to start your vision big? Those that you are waiting for them to help you start big, why have they not helped you but they keep given you one promise after another?

The sad aspect is that you don’t even have anything to show for your works when there is an opportunity today.

The problem of too many of such people is that their ego, talkativeness as against taking action, attitude and lack of vision prevents you from starting from humble beginnings.

The fact is they never start their vision as any vision you start is like what is depicted in the picture. There is nothing to write about your vision and at this level is where people mock you, they laugh at you, they easily write you off and they can boldly tell you that you will not amount to anything.

However, the fact is people can only measure your success from the outside from what they see and not from the inside. No one can be able to measure the passion, desire, focus, level of talent and intellect of a person as that is domiciled inside and the person that carries it is the only person to determine what they carry and what they can do.

Today, Sadio Mane is the Champions League winner in 2019, CAF best player and the Club Championship winner this year. The amazing aspect is he is on the road to win the Premier League this season after a premier league drought for Liverpool since 1989.

I want you to understand that success comes to those that learn to start from humble beginnings.

The picture speaks for itself and that is, it is your duty to take a bold step to ignite the journey to success. As a Man United fan, I can only admire the man Sadio Mane as a person and not Liverpool as a whole.

Remember its possible if only you believe

Congratulations Sadio Mane.



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