Something rare happened to me today whilst driving. I drove from Thornton Heath high street to Coulsdon and that is over 8 miles journey. Along the journey, I could count around 15 traffic lights.

The amazing and surprising story is that each and every one of the traffic light was green the moment I get close to it. I sale through every traffic with ease and with no traffic. I thought I was dreaming and a such I was thinking one of them will turn yellow or red on me but it never happened. Remember this was not in the night but day time.

What is the lesson to be learnt here?

1. The first lesson is that miracles do happen. The unthinkable and the impossible can happen to all of us. I always say impossible means I’m possible. However, the advice is that you cannot be idle and bank your hope all the time on miracles. Get on the road to experience the miracle.

2. Since I started driving, this is the first time I have experienced something like this.

This means in pursuit of your vision, one day, that one big door will open that no man can shut. As the yellow and the red lights could not stop me, in the same way, nothing can stop you when your time comes for your big breakthrough.

3. Remember, though consistently I was encountering yellow and red lights anytime I drive which symbolises delaying and challenges, it never stopped me from driving. This means that your success is based on your consistent attitude amidst difficult and challenging moments in pursuit of your vision. This is the only way to experience your breakthrough one day.

4. I never expected this experience and I never thought such a thing can happen to me. This means your breakthrough will be a surprise to you and it will shock many. Work hard and be expectant in 2020.

5. Also, remember that for you to get to your destination, you need to be on the road. That means for you to succeed, you need to be in constant pursuit of your vision. Doors only open when you are in active mode. Just think about if I had given up on driving, there was no way I could experience this. Meaning winners never quit and quitters never win.

My word to you in 2020 is that keep believing and learn to be on the road of your vision as that is the only road where miracles, breakthroughs and encountering the impossible and destiny helpers are. Keep pushing the boundaries and never give up on your dream no matter how challenging and difficult the journey becomes.

One day you will experience your green traffic light and that will be your breakthrough.

Remember it’s possible if only you believe.

Oscar Bimpong is my name, if you need a transformational talk, business training or consulting, please inbox for more details.

WRITTEN BY  Oscar Bimpong


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