About this Event

 You were created purposefully. You have been created on purpose with a purpose and your presence on earth is proof that you are necessary.

However, many people in the world today are living unhappy lives because they are living from the ‘outside in’ instead of from the ‘inside out’. The result is the high level of psychological disorders in our modern culture that telltale signs that all is not well.

The high rate of anxiety, depression, consumer debt, and suicide is nearing epidemic levels. Another emerging trend that will interest you is our modern inability to create wealth. More and more people are plunging into debts and living lives of financial desperation.

This unique masterclass will empower you with ideas and solutions to become the very best you created to be and much more.

Keynote Speakers

Kofi Amoateng (Host ) He is an Author, Founder and Life Coach. He is a strong advocate of living a life of Purpose, Meaning, and Significance. Kofi in the last 10 years have successfully helped many to discover their Purpose and fulfilled Potential in Life, Business and more.

Tony Tokunbo Eteka Fernandez (Bradford) He is an International Award Winner, Published Author & Poet, Events Consultant , MC and Youth Empowerment Consultant . He is also The CEO of AFRICA4U and The Founder of Africans in The Diaspora Online Network.

Ismael Lea South (Manchester) He is the Director of The Salam Project, a BME/BAME Youth and Community Initiative (Social Entrepreneur).This initiative promotes employment opportunities, accredited training, volunteer opportunities to young people and more.

Many lives have been transformed from these seminars, and it’s our sincere hope that you will be next in line to unleash your gifts, talents, and potentials trapped inside of you.

You will make a difference in somebody’s life by inviting friends and family to this wonderful self-development and financial empowerment masterclass.


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