Enrolment of All Nigerians in Europe into the National Identity
Database (NIDB) kicks on in Germany, Italy, Austria and Netherlands with Biosec

Biosec Solutions the first Nigerian (indigenous) biometric management company with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant certified“ in collaboration with Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Europe (NIDOE), the European arm of the Nigerian Diaspora Organization Worldwide (NIDOWW), and Nigerian organizations and stakeholders in Diaspora will commence mobilization, capturing and enrolment of all Nigerians into the National Identity Database starting from Germany on the 16/08/2019, Italy 19/08/2019, Austria = 21/08/2019 and other countries including Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Ukraine will follow.

Biosec Solutions is NIMC’s indigenous approved vendor to facilitate Diaspora data capture. According to Hon. Gbandi, the enrolment is to ensure that all Diaspora Nigerians irrespective of associations are well documented in the National Identity Management System of the Federal Government of Nigeria. Apart from the fact that the unique National Identification Number (NIN) is a lifelong personalized identification number, similar to that of America´s Green Card Number or European´s Social Security Number, the unique National Identification Number is mandatory for all Nigerians. Already NIN number is a prominent feature in the new 10 years Nigerian international passport. Moreover, accessing future national services going will be dependent on your unique National Identification Number.

Hon. Gbandi calls on the Diaspora to avoid the experience of BVN rush when out of pressure most Diaspora have to travel outside their areas of residence to beat the deadline, leading to enormous cost and inconveniences. He reminded the Diaspora that the exercise apart from being mandatory for all Nigerians has also important social and economic implications for the Diaspora. He mentions the Diaspora Voting and the full participation of the Diasporas in the affairs of the country as one of them.

Hon. Gbandi explains further that The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has the mandate to carry out the enrolment of citizens and legal residents as provided for in the Act establishing it, create and operate a National Identity Database (NIDB), issue unique National Identification Number to qualified citizens and legal residents.

Hon. Gbandi explains that he and Diaspora stakeholders will commence full mobilization of all Nigerians in the Diaspora for the enrolment into the National Identity Database (NIDB), through Roadshows, Town Halls meetings and meetings with Diaspora Stakeholders across Europe and the Diaspora.

He urges Diaspora, especially in Germany, Italy, Austria and Netherlands to visit www.idcard.ng for pre-enrolment and appointment for biometric data capture. He assured Nigerians that Data obtained through the pre-enrolment exercise are EU privacy laws and GDPR compliant.

“We may not all necessarily agree on all the policies of the Federal Government, but this is one initiative we cannot afford not to massively participate in”, Hon. Gbandi concluded.

For all inquiries he urges all Diaspora to kindly contact Biosec country enrolment officers in their respective countries or contact or visit Biosec European Regional office at Süderstr. 153, 20537, Hamburg, Germany, Tel. +49 40 35964940 or to visit www.biosec.com.ng for comprehensive information.



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