Calvin Coolidge, former United State president and lawyer once said that no person was ever honoured for what he received, rather honour has been the reward for what one gave out to the society. This, no doubt is a statement of fact and true reflection of hard work, consistency, commitment and dedication to service.

On behalf of Walkfront African Network, initiator of the Best of Edo Awards and the 2019 organizing team, we are pleased to announce the commencement of the planning for 2019 edition of BEST OF EDO AWARDS with a theme: To Inspire.

The event which was introduced in 2018 with about 15 award categories drawn from various sector of the economy was design to recognize successful and hard working industry achievers who have done well in their various feild of work.

Over time the achievements of our people have gone unnoticed and unrewarded. Although these people excelled in their chosen fields of endeavors, many of them were not recognized, none celebrated in their life time at least not at home among their people.

Now BOEA (Best of Edo Award) is saying, NEVER AGAIN! We want to celebrate the Best of our people by recognizing their exploits and achievements before their Obituaries. As the popular yet less mentioned saying puts it, Give people their flowers whilst they are living and can appreciate it and not at their funerals, BOEA wants to tell them, thank you for showing the way to the possibilities that are out there as long as one is diligent and excellent in their work.

We are using this medium to call in for nominations of edo sons and daughters home and in the diaspora in the following categories; Entertainment, Business, Health, Politics, Religion, Academia, Banking & Finance, Arts & Culture, Telecommunication, Transport, Sports, Music, Media, Legal, Movie, Comedy, NGO, Security, Hospitality, Oil & gas.

Send name, current location and a brief profile of nominee/ organisation to All nominations should be forwarded to from May 30th, 2019 till June 30th, 2019.

All nominations and final selected individuals for the 2019 edition of BOEA will be uploaded on the Best of Edo Award official website.

The awards in their categories will be conferred on well-deserved recipients (Home and in Diaspora) in a grand style event proposed to hold in October, 2019.

We are using this medium also to call for SPONSORSHP/PARTNERSHIP. You can sell your goods and services from anywhere around the world to a very wide market through our event. Contact us now.

For further information, observations, suggestions and of course sponsorship support please kindly reach the organizer on
Tel: +234 – 8151452642
Instagram: best of edo award
Facebook: best of edo award


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