The objective of the AUD 2019 conference
The challenge for Africa’s future is to provide the skilled labor force for digitized future markets, to participate in global competition and to accelerate the implementation of the Agenda 2063.
The aim of this conference is, therefore, to contribute towards solutions for the development of a successful African continent by Africans and Diaspora, to establish new markets and build up human resources to secure Africa’s future and combat causes of flight from the grassroots.



Our main topics

Diaspora Impact Investments for Resilient Economies

Digital Economy as a Key factor to Development

Development of Human Resources as Key Factors for Economic Growth

Structural Foundation for Funding Economic Integration

Podium Discussion: African-Asian-European economic relations – dependence or equal Partnership?


Women Forum 25.05.2019 – discuss different topics and workshop

African women and girls are the groups most affected by poverty. Lack of access to education, health care, technology, political
participation, country and economic opportunities and the experience of gender-based exploitation and discrimination is
structural stumbling blocks. Although they account for 61.9% economically produced goods, only 8.5% of African wage earners in the non-agricultural sector are women. At the same time, according to UNESCO, two-thirds of the global population are uneducated female.
However, only if the chances of women’s participation in education, economy, society, and policy can be improved, the overall
situation in Africa will improve. Because the first teacher, supervisor, and boss in every man’s life is a woman.


Young Leaders Forum 25.05.2019 – discuss different topics and workshop

This conference unit was developed with the aim of bringing future executives of the Diaspora and Africa to enable them to address cultural identity problems and to overcome structural disadvantages, to become innovative global actors and active players and to become co-designers of Agenda 2063.

Guest registration

About the AUD 2019 conference

Special Events:

A Business Dinner – B2B to network and connect with business partners and meet new ones

A Fashion Show by Soli Production Management

Get Runway ready with international Model Coach Solitha Shortte out of Canada.

The runway workshop will give you the confidence to master the catwalk and the tools you’ll need to command a strong presence in the fashion industry. It will take place on 22nd and 23rd May 2019 and will lead to the runway show on the 25th of May 2019.


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