In 1991 l started my musical group Ripsta Culture but by then it was called Sunny Theatre then later it was twisted to purely musically oriented movement sanitizing communities and our country as a whole on salent issues like health and sanitation, drug resistance, peace and development, anti-malaria , togetherness, love etc.

This group was named Ripsta Culture in 1999 and deeply involved in peace building, reconciliation, transitional justice for sustainable peace in Sierra Leone during and after the 11 years senseless and brutal war in Sierra Leone was officially declared over in 2002.

In 2002 the group was re-named Obi Phrase and the Ripsta Culture and had the opportunity to record our first song “Jonkey Nor Dae Wass ” which was addressing the wide spread use of nacotic drugs amongst the youthful populace in Sierra Leone which was an aftermath of the civil war as politicians were providing drugs and other intoxicants to the youth in fueling the war.

Our Obi Phrase and the Ripsta Culture group won the Sierra Leone Reggae King Award at the Brima Attouga Mini Stadium ORGANIZED by the Music Makers company of Sierra Leone with the song title ” Jonkey Nor Dae Wass “.


In 2008 l lead the GUITAR BETTER THAN GUN national musical tour in Sierra Leone with sponsorship from the Prince Claus Funds for Culture and Development in the Netherlands conscientizing the entire Sierra Leonean populace on peace and reconciliation with music.


1n 2009, l had an exclusive interview on BBC on peace in the West African sub-region on which two of my songs “Save Yenga” and ” No More War” were aired for eleven Months.

Later, these songs were also aired on the radio Mars in Slovenia.

In early 2010, l and my band performed for the ECOWAS PARLIAMENT DELEGATES IN Freetown on their request after having heard our peace-building initiative on BBC .

In 2011, l was toured with around the Mano River Union basin (Sierra Leone   Guinea,  Liberia and Ivory coast) on the Mano River Youth Peace Caravan by UN, ICCO, IBIS and West African Youth Network

I flew to Europe in 2011 and have performed around ten or more European countries.

I was ranked on the European Reggae Contest in 2013 – 19th position in Northern Europe

2014 – 11th position in Northern Europe

In 2013, l won the best song award in a musical contest in Finland called OURVISION ORGANIZED by Caisa Cultural centre.

Within 2002 – 2011, l lead a campaign caption “SAVE YENGA” in Sierra Leone calling for the neighbouring country to Guinea to give a portion of land they ceased from Sierra Leone. I stood firmly against foreign occupation, oppression and domination with the mentioned campaign which was also on the BBC.

Within 2014 -2016, l lead a campaign in Finland captioned “KICK EBOLA OUT OF AFRICA” in our bid to eradicate the killer virus from the shores of Africa in which l was able to galvanize 18 African and white lead organizations through which a container of medical, educational and domestic materials were shipped from Finland to Sierra Leone. Those donated items were distributed to hospitals,  schools and communities that were desparately in need of them as at then.


Having done that, we built a primary School for Ebola Orphans in Sierra Leone called Kiilan Koulu Primary School for Ebola Orphans with free education package for orphans and children at risk. Now we are planning the development of the said SCHOOL with an orphanage facility.

In 2013, l initiated and lead a team of Finnish philanthropists to start another School in my country called BIILNAS FINLAND SCHOOL FOR GIRLS in our bid to domesticate the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and empower basical the GIRL CHILD in my beloved country Sierra Leone.

I headed the Shain Foundation Sierra Leone chapter with its head quarters in the Netherlands for 5 years consecutively.

I co-founded the Sierra Leone Reggae Union in 2006 and happened to be its first National Coordinator .

I co-founded the African Council in Europe.


I am a bonfire member of the African Diaspora Policy Venter (ADPC) in the Netherlands.

I studied peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution in the Hague Academy for Local Governance.

I studied Business Management at the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology, Goderich Freetown.

I am a member of the Great Voice of the African Union in Finland.

I worked with the West African Network for Peace-building  (WANEP -SL)

I am a member of the Pan- African Union of Sierra Leone


I am the lead and lead vocalist of the Ripsta Culture organisation and band in Finland and sierra Leone.



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