Indigo On Demand is a youth TV platform that is a pull, rather than push format. We cover music, comedy, sport, news and live events on demand. We aggregate the best of youth entertainment with producers who have proven track records and existing sizable followings. Indigo offers young people the ability to view all of their favourite entertainment in one place with improved quality in formats designed to suit them.

Young people have created their own sub cultures and need to be acknowledged and for their voices to be heard. They are speaking, but we aren’t listening. Now they are demanding to be heard and this is why we have responded with a platform of expression aimed squarely at them with premium content to capture their imaginations and effectively communicate their issues.

We know that the UK market alone is worth millions of youth eye balls and as soon as the platform launches, it will be virally adopted by young people who share what they enjoy and converse on various social media that leads others back to the source of the content. Indigo On Demand will stream many pre existing shows, offering revenue share to the producers and raising production values to compete with mainstream broadcast channels.

Polished and easily accessible entertainment is what young people desire, that they can relate to and represents exactly who they are. Indigo bring all of these elements together and work directly with young people (by partnering with Access UK and the Road CEO programme) to train them in all positions, from technical and production through to executive roles. The training will lead to a BTEC qualification and then graduates will be groomed for entry into digital employment.

Indigo On Demand uses sophisticated analytics to identify viewers by territory, sex, engagement and age. This intelligence is used to gain mainstream advertising clients who seek to align their brands with our viewing audience. Our relationships with brands will combine sponsorships, advertising and competitions, based on how the companies want to enter our market place. There will also be specials in the form of pay per view live concert streaming with sponsorship opportunities.

We have established a strong board of expertise to coherently cement all of these elements together in order to offer young people a seamless experience with a channel that offers premium content for free with high production values that represents their entertainment requirements. Indigo will work with youth influencers who will act as brand ambassadors to amass early adoption of the platform.


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