JJIMP Entertainment is a leading Belfast-UK-based entertainment, event management and planning outfit founded May 2015. Our major goal is to create epoch-making events with a midas torch.

We are known as a one-stop event shop with an extensive pool and network of top event vendors across the world. JJIMP Entertainment owns a reputation for innovative concepts and designs, attention to detail, experienced and passionate staff base and good customer relations.

Our service delivery is based on passion. We take our time to understand our customers’ ideals from which we then base our operational approach. This level of customization and flexibility in the way we do business with our customers helps us to achieve customer satisfaction.

JJIMP Entertainment delivers its services through J’D Events and Ariya Promotions. It is adept in promoting both established and up-coming musical and recording artists, cultural performers and disc jockeys. JJIMP Entertainment houses a roster of producers, disc jockeys and artists and is into partnership with a lot of promoters in United State, England, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland etc.

JJIMP Entertainment passionately specialises in organising corporate dinners and awards, galas, fashion shows, parties, board retreats, conventions, seminars and grand opening celebrations. Its annual Christmas’ Winter Wonderland and Valentine’s La Saint Valentin dinners are places to be during these festive periods in Belfast. We use these corporate dinners to celebrate people and to elevate people’s social lives. It is in our tradition to award individuals, organisations and companies who have done exceedingly well in their areas of specialty.

Our social events and dinners have carved a niche for themselves and are usually Grand Ceremonies that attract the who-is-who in Belfast and its environs. Ariya Promotions (A.K.A Mr. Ariya) is an entertainment outfit which specialises in promoting cultural and indigenous music and is aimed at taking entertainment to its zenith.

We focus on bringing African cultural and indigenous musicians, who have left indelible marks in their different genre of African music, to Northern Ireland with the aim of promoting their music and this will also afford Africans and local people in Northern Ireland the opportunity to enjoy their live performances. We have brought several African indigenous musicians to Belfast. Some of them include: Wonderboy Solek, Sunny Melody, Yinka Melody Maker, Makola Mambo, Anjola King Bravo Leo, BJ Tempo, Lagosboy (Mega Michael) etc.

Our Services

  1. Event Management and Planning
  2. Dinners, Awards and Gala Nights
  3. Conferences, Seminars and Launching
  4. Birthday
  5. Graduation Party
  6. Wedding
  7. Kids’ Parties/Fun-day
  8. Celebration of life
  9. Concerts
  10. Promotions/Marketing
  11. Carnival/Festivals
  12. Fashion Show
  13. Picnics
  14. Holidays/Leisure/Picnic



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