NIDOE to monitor 2019 Election; Sets up Command & Situation Rooms across Europe with HQ in UK: Nigerians In Diaspora Organisation (NIDO) Europe in collaboration with several pro-democratic organisations globally will on 16 February 2019 participate in the Nigeria Presidential Elections from the Diaspora and will set up a command and controlled Centre in London to co-ordinate several activities in Diaspora Centers and on the ground using advanced technology, the social media and our teeming observers on ground in Nigeria: Our objectives will include:-
• To deter fraud and rigging;
• To expose problems and irregularities;
• To engage all Nigerians at home or in the Diaspora in the election process;
• To promote confidence in the process and its outcome;
• To provide an accurate measure of the quality of the election;
• To provide recommendations for improving the process for the next election;
• To petitioning the international community to support democracy in Nigeria;
• To provide evidence in court should need arise;
• To ensure electoral integrity;
• To encourage participation of Nigerians at home and abroad
• To advocate for government accountability even after the election.
As we strive to promote democratic process and good governance. Kindly contact us to register your interest to partner with us or contact any NIDO Europe Chapter Chairperson for further information. We are also recruiting more credible volunteers to be present as observers on that day and to supply us with up to date progress of the election via secure NIDO Europe online situation room channels. We are determined to get it right in Nigeria. Join us.





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