As a trained nutritionist I have developed a nutrition education program which focuses mainly on children and young adults. During the course entitled “Healthy Cooking and Nutrition”, which runs weekly, I seek to train and encourage the attendees, leaving them well-grounded in the area of proper cooking methods and healthy food selection.

Besides that, I also focus on giving cooking classes in the traditional food history of African countries. I mainly focus on the herbs, traditions, and ingredients which benefit our health. I also like to give classes on how colonialism affected for example the food history of different African and South American countries like Brazil.

My last workshop was about Afrobrazilian food. We spoke about slavery as well as traditions which are due to southwestern African countries like Angola, Nigeria, Ghana etc. and are still to find in Bahia. With my business, I try to build bridges between different cultures and forms of nutrition. 

Therefore I offer Online Workshops, Cooking Classes, Consultation Services, Caterings, Kids Birthday Parties and much more.

Please find more information on my SM Accounts ( find the accounts in my Signature): Magda´s Food Programme or




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