Okeme James Jerome is a native of Okpe Kingdom of Delta State. He was

born February 18 in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria. He is currently
studying Geology in Delta State University, Abraka. He developed
interest and started writing Poetry in the year 2011. He also writes
prose. He loves writing, computing, exploring and travelling. He’s a
success in progress.


For ages

my weary eyes have watched Sages mount stages

lit up dull faces

freed others from mind cages

and touched lives in different places

with lines from their pondering pages;

But who’ll teach me poetry?


Their powerful punchy puns are so full of actions

Giving me an unequal and attracting reaction unlike Newton’s law,

it gives new things to ponder upon till I begin to wonder

Who’ll will teach me this poetry.


How they do it I do not know

They’ll tell you how trees waved and danced at a passing wind

Which made the cloud sad and heavy

That it began to weep upon a broken land.


In utmost perplexity, my ability to replay how they play with words

Is a reality of complexity in simplicity.

“A good bard is one who hates to love what is bad”.

How well they take pleasure in the pain of a person

Who has no one to teach him poetry.


Day after day, I hear of mystical mysteries

Of how their pens bled to the death of a man who bled to death

In the hands of death who came to earth in form of another man.

They fought back, spilling the blood of their pens for spilled blood.

It was war for war as they punctured silence with the nib.


They say poetry is life

A part of nature, a path to happiness.

That’s why their rhymes flow like the Rivers

Soar high like the eagle and roar like the Lion.

They’ll spice up words with aroma ascending like sweet smelling savor

That’s why I can’t wait

for who’ll teach me poetry.


They say it’s art

An act of painting pictures with words

Which soothens the heart like an alluring cologne with delightful impact;

But it’ll be an act of injustice

If there’s no one to teach me this poetry.




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