Mr Ferdinard is a BEFFTA award-winning author of many inspirational and motivational books. He is a life coach, mentor, publication consultant, Columnist, radio show host and a faculty member of African Professional Speakers Academy (APSA). Ferdinard’s mandate is to empower, motivate, and encourage individuals, to remain focused, determined and committed in serving the Lord, and to discover themselves in order to pursue their purpose in life.
Ferdinard S. Lawson is also an international advisor to the Achievers Foundation, Ghana. He was honored as an Extraordinary Individual in United Kingdom and holds a Bachelor Degree in Public Health and Social Care. He is a member of Royal Society for Public Health (MRSPH) in United-Kingdom.
Sir Ferdinard lives in London (UK) with his wife and his two precious lovely children.


‘A great leader is a ladder, which enables his followers to climb comfortably to get the next phase in their lives.
Leadership trees can be seen everywhere we go but the question is; are they bearing fruits less alone, talking about much fruits? We have seen, heard and experienced some form of leaderships in many churches, companies, organization, institutions businesses both in privates and governmental environments, who gave their best to their organization just to ensure that, things work well in the organization to produce more outstanding  positive results.
Some of these leaders tend to be a great one or a very bad one. It is possible to say that, every one of us is born with a seed of leadership, therefore, the fruits we bear as leaders are determined by the qualities of our leadership and how it can affect our followers and lives around us.
However, we have also seen or heard of some terrible leaders, who only think of themselves (family and children), without considering how those around them (followers or team members) survive. They have failed in all capacity to ask themselves, how much they have actually provided or supported the people they are leading. Selfishness has choked their seeds and prevented them from bearing positive fruits in the lives of those around them.
Leadership is very crucial in determining the outcomes of every organization, companies, families, ministries, churches and so on. Most communities have succeeded in improving the qualities of social amenities or infrastructures which are purely based on the quality of their leadership skills. More so, the bad ones also reflects on the type of leadership structures in place.
It is very vital to raise the awareness in every leader to know that, leadership is not just leading people but to be able to bear quality fruits to benefit the people one is leading. Bearing the fruits of leadership enables you to develop some vital elements of leadership in order to provide quality care and relate well with people from different backgrounds, races, cultures, religions, status, gender and etc… Diplomatically to get a vision, purpose, goal, agenda or project done effectively without feeling intimidated or over shadow by the success of their emerging leaders.
Leadership as some of people know is an act of directing, planning and also organizing things around people so as to carry out an excellent work for the benefits of the organization or company. Therefore, a leader is the one who desire to work with other people to achieve a common goal and get everything going on a good track. Leadership gives structure or directions to every forward moving organization. I have observed that, most people see leadership as management. What they are ignorance of is that, Leadership is the one that takes management to another level. The fact that people are in management, does not mean they are in leadership. Anyone in leadership must have the ability to ensure that things are done accordingly without doing the job themselves. Leaders show the way, chart a new course, have the desire to blaze a trail, finding a right path for others to follow and become all that they have been created for.
A great leader always lead by example, guide the destiny of others and having the spirit of raising other effective leaders to be a source of impact in their world. ‘By their fruits ye shall know them.
What actually differentiates Leadership from management is the mental attitude they have or develop. This can be in the way of thinking, perception and the angle at which they view things.
If we see leadership as a tree, then there is the need for us to identify it with the fruits it bears. There is no other way of identifying a leadership tree without its fruits. It is therefore important that, we cultivate the leadership seed within us in order to bear good fruits as leaders in every area of our lives.
L- Learn. A leader must be ready to learn on how to relate well with his followers or people around him.
E- Empower. A leader must be able to provide and invest in the future and extend training to the people around him, creating a platform where their potentials can be maximize.
A – Assertive: leaders must be assertive and must have the desire to connect, care, and communicate with the people at all levels. They must not discriminate or show favoritism and accessible to everyone in the team
D- Delegate; It is the leader’s role to learn to delegate duties to every members to create an environment for personal development. This eased pressures and increase productivities and self development.
E- Effective. A leader must be very effective when it comes to duties, producing a result that will benefit the whole team members not on their family and children only.
R- Responsible. A leader must be responsible and productive. He must be trusted to do what is right, expected or required of him, not the lazy and autocratic one.
S- Sensitive; Leaders must be a caring type and must be sensitive to the needs of the members as well by understanding the feelings of other people around them.
H- Harness; A leader must be like a strap connecting people around him to the right thing, creating a creative ideas and networks that will also enhance their development in life.
I-Intelligent. A leader must demonstrate some level of understanding of the need for a change in order to produce maximum results especially in the lives of the protégées.
P- Passionate. A leader must be passionate about his or her protégée. He must genuinely show support, care and belief to the members when the need arises.
May you receive the grace to bear much good fruits in your leadership journey, go and bear good fruits and let your fruit remain also in leadership. Be Empowered.

Ferdinard Senyo Lawson@2015 (leadership

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