People call her LADYMILLION because the million attached to her name defines her passion, drive to succeed, her think big mentality and ultimately her unwavering community spirit.
LADYMILLION has really had an exceptional life in her lifetime. She has seen it all in life from experiencing true Riches to abject Poverty to Homelessness and to being Saved by The Mercy and Grace of God. She grew up like a Princess, was educated like Queen and had all the life luxuries that you can imagine. On top of all these she was a well paid consultant and had a number of businesses.
Her life turned around to the worse when she became too comfortable putting her trust in man rather than God. Her predicaments started when she made the wrong financial investment and within a year she found herself homeless and very ill. She passed through a lot during this period of her life. She call it the most challenging moments of her life. Things became so worse she had to volunteer in a church for 2 years sleeping on the church floor for a year.
Desperate to get back to where she truly belong in life, she decided to sacrifice her time by volunteering as a Church Manager.
This led to the start of a new dawn in her life. An idea dropped in her spirit as she continued to volunteer to do the work of God. She then sold a few possesions to get a seed capital which helped her to start organising Church events, Seminars and Gospel Concerts. This created multiple streams of income that started a new beginning in her life. The bold step she took helped her to regain her confidence.
Her business comeback was when she went into Camden Market in London selling cocktail slushes and food and in the evenings she delivers dinners by foot. When winter arrives she will normally leave the market and work at the barber shop where she scrubs feet. She was actually working seven days from 8am to midnight.
The good news is this, the hardwork, her perseverance and persistence and the will to succeed under very challenging moments paid off and she now own a thriving pampering boutique in the heart of Camden in London. Eighteen months later, she has solely funded and championed a cause where she reach out to the homeless and to the youth in her community and now an active community supporter. She is currently working on various charitable projects to enhance and better the lives of others.
She is currently recording her new TV Talk Show dubbed The Extraordinary Achievers (TEA) which is to recognise unsung heroes and to inspire change in our communities and the world at large.
This is truly a remarkable journey that defines an initial life full of GRACE to a situation of falling on a GRASS full of hardships and finally lifting herself up to live a life of fulfilment.
Probably the difference between you and LADYMILLION is that, when you fell, you gave up and decided to settle for mediocrity and married your new found love of comfort zone. The fact is LADYMILLION never gave up. She always find different ways of getting out of her comfort zone by challenging the status quo of impossibility. Many of us have found it difficult to get back to where we belong in life after falling because we are so proud to lower our status to start from somewhere in life.
LADYMILLION is a LESSON, A PATH and LEGACY for us to follow.
Upon all the riches she experienced in the past, she was ready to take the garment of a SERVANT, pick up the pieces and start all over again.
Her story is a unique one and a very inspiring one indeed. Never give up in life and learn to START BELIEVING in POSSIBILITY.
All the best LADYMILLION in your pursuit of making the world a better place. The Sky is no more the limit but a stepping stone to reaching greater heights. Good is not enough but the best is yet to come.
LADYMILLION gives God the Glory for how far he has brought her.
Always remember it is possible if only you believe.
For more info about LADYMILLION and what she does, please visit Manicure and Pedicure |

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