CEO of JUPITER 10, Where every member is a leader.
Nigerian, American and south Africa based. Mr. Coleman is a multi talented vibrant and passionate leader of our time.

Leadership, Minds Ambassadors had  the privilege to meet him Last year and is indeed a moment of inspiration after having a brief conversation with him .
Mr Coleman happens to be the first to be interviewed by Leadership Mind Ambassadors  this year.

Mr. Coleman,an was born in October  1984 at Number 10 Golden Cross Hospital Gerald street Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria.
He Attended Methodist Boys High School Broad street Lagos Nigeria..Gained Higher Level degree at the University of Pretoria South Africa in Physiology.Exercise Science and Sport Nutrition at the Health and Fitness Professional Association Academy.(higher Diploma).

He later studied ,Sport Science at the University of South Carolina.

Currently he is a part time Actor and Sport Model,  Fitness Trainer and Team Nutritionist of the year for Young Generation Football Club. South Africa. Fitness Adviser of
the year Kevin McNamara Gold Gym.2011.2012.South Africa. Nutritional Adviser of the year Pick and Pay Hyper Centurion Johannesburg
2012.South Africa.Supplemental Senior Adviser for USN.EVOX.JOHN WEIDER and SPORT MAN.2012.

He has also achieved the following below

1. Member of Body Genius Initiative on Health awareness program in Association with Blue Steering by Dr Professor Pete D Toit.University
of Pretoria and Mr and Mrs Andretia Ferrera South Africa.
2. Part of the team called by the President of South Africa Mr Jacob Zuma on the fitness level of the South Africa Police Department.
3. Spoke person for Tanzania Youth Enhancement and Poverty Eradication Organisation (TAYEPEO).
4. Mediator on the killings of Albinos in Tanzania.
5. Founder and Owner of JUPITER 10 a projects support and development programme utopia for Africa.
6. Co assistant in the creation of the first Sport ever Museum in Africa.South Africa By Michael Mushima.
7. Executive Assistant to Mr Lowry Taylor. CEO Digital Development Corporation.(DDCUSAID) and a star member and Ambassador for
Peace for International Family Alliance(IFA).Chicago Illinois. USA.

Part of the United Nation team from Nigeria invited to the 2015 United Nation summit in USA/Dakar and a possible chance to meet the
America President Barrack Usien Obama.
PROJECTS: Founder and Coordinator of the first west Africa Sport Museum.Founder and Coordinator of the first high performance sports
centre in Nigeria.Books and Writing coming out soon. JUPITER 10.IN AFRICA WE TRUST. BLACK MIND. ONE WAY IN ONE WAY OUT.

What Leadership means to Mr Olajuwon

Leadership to me, Is a destination of GIVING and SHARING the only Good Better Best and Great Truth Life has giving you as a Faithfulness
mind with focus,passionate,dedicated fear of God almighty in a HUMAN.
Leadership is common sense.
Leadership is John 10:10.
Leadership is right start NOW.
Leadership is Trusting in God.
Leadership is Peace of Peace.
Leadership is the Favoured and Grace in a Dream.
Leadership is Blessing.
Leadership is Vision for the people by the people.
Leadership is a Beautiful Mind.
Leadership is one God.
Leadership is King of Colours.
Leadership is Ageless.
Leadership is ME.YOU.WE.US.
Leadership is EVERYTHING and not ANYTHING.
Leadership is Love.
Leadership is Reality.
Leadership is the WORD and not the WORLD .
Leadership has no Religion.
Leadership is the Universe.
Leadership is God of gods.
God blessed the Leadership of Africa.
God blessed the leadership of the word.
IN GOD I TRUST…Jupiter 10.

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