. Paul is a very passionate man ,He is also  A Business Administrator, Public Speaker, Certified Project Manager (CPM), Media Consultant, Event Consultant, Script Writer, Ideal/Concept Developer, Branding and Packaging, Modeling Instructor, Stage Manager, Tv Producer and Publisher of Starz&style Magazine.
Paul has been into business project, development management since 2003 and within the shortest period he has handled couple of personal projects and also for organizations. Projects Handled includes: * Design and managed Miss South-South Beauty Pageant * Design and Manage Culture and Tourism Treasure Hunt Reality Tv Show * Manager AIT/Raypower Independent Children Party 2012 benin * Design and manage Fashion Designers and Beauticians Award. A nationwide programme for the fashion and beauty industry…. * Design and manage Edo/Delta fashion week. * Routine manager @ Models invasion Benin and Port harcut LEADERSHIP…. Talking about leadership , Some are born, some are made! A good leader is one, who is influential enough to get others to follow him willingly. He has a vision, he has a dream, and the passion to pursue it. He has analytical skills, a decision-making ability, and a go-getter attitude.
He dreams big and has the grit to bring it into reality. He possesses virtues like integrity, dedication, fairness, openness of mind to greet new ideas, and innovativeness. Now this brings us to the question: Are all managers good leaders? This brings us to the concept of corporate leadership, that highlights the role of effective leadership in the growth and success of an organization. Managers need to possess leadership skills like planning, organizing, delegating, and effective communication. “Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things”, says Peter Drucker. But when the line between the two blurs, managers become excellent leaders and leaders become effective managers. Be it a small firm of twenty employee , a multinational company of a thousand professionals, or a country of millions; all are organizations. And leadership has a big role to play in directing an organization’s resources on the path of progress. For this, leaders have to be created. Yes, leaders can be made. How? By inculcating in them the qualities that a good leader should have. Leadership development should start from an early age. Leadership activities and team games can definitely help introduce leadership traits in children. Activities like these help the children identify their hidden leadership traits. Leadership exercises conducted at the corporate level help identify true leaders in the organization and sharpen their managerial skills. The future of any organization – a firm, an institute, a company, or a nation, is secure only in the hands of able leaders who can influence the masses with their thoughts and actions. Effective leaders are those who have the ability to listen, think, foresee, understand, and act. TRUE LEADERS ARE THOSE WHO DARE TO DREAM AND LIVE TO LEAD….


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