There is something refreshing about Friday evenings, even the scents from the wind are filled with raw energy and the birth of new actions waiting to unfold.

For some, it is the celebration of new handshakes, laughter, spontaneous or formal bonding, music and glamour, for others it might be confiding to the routine and the limitations of a TV box in a quiet street in North London where nobody knows their neighbours.

But Friday the 4th of July 2014 was not just refreshing, it was different, it was profound and it was colourful and all roads lead to St Johns, Lower Clapton in Hackney, and East London for The prestigious Ebony Business Recognition Awards.

EBR Awards aims to promote and celebrate Black Business achievers, Role Models, Entrepreneurs, Professionals and people making a difference within the Black Community.

It focuses on both achievers in the public and the private sector.

The Awards also helps to enhance people’s business profiles, reputation and promote the great work of aspiring entrepreneurs and role models.

As the founder of an organization called AFRICA4U, I was in the company with my business partner, Mr. Zac Darkes – The Founder of ZIMLINK, not just for a colourful evening, but to conduct video interviews with some of these black achievers making a big difference to their communities both in the private and in the public sector.

WE ended up conducting over 12 interviews and I was deeply overwhelmed by the enthusiasm, calibre and the natural talent of many of these achievers that we met and interviewed on the night.

It was perhaps the first ever awards I had been to in London, that celebrated the achievements of new passionate faces with untold stories and people I had never met.

Society and The Media in many cases focuses a lot on “Celebrities” but I have often asked, what does a Celebrity really say about someone? Do we sometimes look up to popularity for the wrong reasons?

I would rather be a Role Model than a Celebrity. Being a Role Model is about setting example and not all Celebrities set example, hence not all Celebrities are Role Models


On the evening, I felt humbled and honoured to meet and engage with many Black Role Models.


I also ended up winning Two Awards on the evening, The Special Awards for championing Black and Ethnic Minority Visions and The Male Business Coach of the Year.


I left that evening with a smile on my face and the next day, I was eager to look up the profiles of all the winners and the participants on the Net, I was very impressed was with the great work that they had achieved.


Organizing an Awards involves detail, hard work and a high level of organizational skills, it also involves research and sometimes research is about opening up the mind and the eyes into a world of new territories of people who are unique and have untold stories, I call these people – The Quiet Achievers


The Room that evening was filled with the warmth and the smiles of quiet achievers and my mind quickly raced to what it took to organize an event like this.

My mind raced back once more to The Founder of The EBR AWARDS, – Mr. Calixtus Okere.


I remember the first time I spoke with him on the phone, I sensed a tone filled with passion, urgency and ambition, when I eventually got to meet him at The Awards night, the same hints of urgency beamed from his eyes and straight away, I knew I was talking to a Man blessed with a huge heart and drive.

Today EBR Awards continues to go from strength to strength and in my last conversation with Mr. Okere, I was planned that more future awards will also take place outside the UK, to maintain the growth of an International Brand.

To find out more about the EBR Awards, visit




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