THE AMAZING VIE CLERC was one of the award recipients at THE AFRICA4U AWARDS FOR AFRICANS AND CARIBBEANS LIVING IN WEST YORKSHIRE which took place at the prestigious Banqueting Hall, City Hall in Bradford.‘

Vie arrived at the event with many of her close friends and supporters who were over the moon about her award recognition


Vie Clerc, French national/ EU citizen, arrived in the UK in June 2000, she has extensive experience doing community work with asylum seekers, refugees and other migrants for over 15 years.

Founder of HEM – holmewood ethnic minorities and susbsequently became the community development coordinator, was vice chair of Bradford refugee forum for 2 years, sessional worker at city of sanctuary, and Bradford action for refugees, collaborated with Kath Canoville and Jerry red Dred for last 12 years organising black history month, Sunctuary Sunday, refugee week events.

Mother of 2 children and support worker working with people with Dementia and people with disabilities. In the last 5 years, she has focused her time campaigning for the guarantee of the rights of EU nationals as an advocate for the group The3Million both locally, regionally, nationally and in the EU. She is also a Senior Admin and Advocate of the InLimbo Project – which is a not-for-profit non-political initiative set up by a group of EU27 citizens in the UK to record testimonies from the five million victims of Brexit and allow their voices to be heard.

The first book called In Limbo: Brexit Testimonies from EU citizens in the UK was published from crowdfunding in June 2017 whilst in June 2018, In Limbo Too: Brexit Testimonies from UK citizens in the EU was also published. Facilitator of the EU27 COmmunities of support in Leeds supporting Eu citizens with the human impact of brexit.

Since September 2019 until December 2020, she was the Bradford and Leeds outreach coordinator and free immigration adviser level 1 limited to the Eu settlement scheme (self employed) to support vulnerable Eu citizens and non uk non Eu family members to make their situation secure in the uk post brexit (funded by Bradford council) And lastly instigator of Global Bradford a community group bringing together migrants and descendants of migrants regardless where from and regardless of status. Experienced in doing bids, running groups and sessions, organising events and bringing people together. Since January 2021, working as enhanced support and resettlement officer for Rotherham council with caseload being mainly non U.K. nationals and those with complex needs.

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